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  • Senator John Kerry Presidential Campaign Announcement
    Last Aired

    Senator John Kerry Presidential Campaign Announcement

    With a backdrop of the aircraft carrier USS Yorktown, Senator Kerry officially announced his campaign for the presidency. In his remarks he criticized Bush administration policies as “radical,”…

  • Hearing on Military Cemetery Operations
    Last Aired

    Military Cemetery Operations

    Witnesses testified on military cemetery operations. Topics included the expansion of the national cemetery system to include additional burial facilities, improvements in grave…

  • US Senators Condemn 911 Terrorist Attacks 2001
    Last Aired

    Senate Session

    Senators delivered speeches regarding the terrorist attacks that occurred the day before, on September 11th, 2001. They issued a joint-resolution condemning the terrorist attack.

  • Veterans Burials and National Cemetery Policy
    Last Aired

    Veterans' Burials and National Cemetery Policy

    Witnesses testified at a hearing titled “Honoring the Fallen: How Can We Better Serve America’s Veterans and Their Families?” The hearing focused on the current Veteran’s Affairs (VA)…

  • emHeart of a Patriotem
    Last Aired

    Heart of a Patriot

    Former U.S. Senator Max Cleland talked about his memoir, Heart of a Patriot: How I Found the Courage to Survive Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl Rove (Simon & Schuster; October 6, 2009), co-written with…

  • US Role in the World
    Last Aired

    U.S. Role in the World

    Karl Rove and former Governor Jeb Bush debated General McCaffrey and former Senator Max Cleland on the question, “Should America Bring Democracy to the World?” Charlie Rose moderated. Each of the participants made…

  • Democratic Radio Address
    Last Aired

    Democratic Radio Address

    Former Senator Max Cleland delivered the weekly Democratic radio address. He criticized the war in Iraq, comparing it to the Vietnam War, and citing the toll in dead and wounded troops and…

  • US Policy Toward Iraq
    Last Aired

    U.S. Policy Toward Iraq

    Secretary Rumsfeld and General Myers testified about the Bush administration’s position on Iraq. They stated that the way to stop terrorism is to prevent rogue states from attaining or…

  • Homeland Security Department
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Department

    Director Tom Ridge and other witnesses testified about the proposed reorganization of the federal government involving the creation of a new Department of Homeland Security. Among the issues they…

  • Congressional Campaigns by Veterans
    Last Aired

    Congressional Campaigns by Veterans

    Democratic congressional candidates who are also veterans spoke to reporters about their decisions to seek elected office and their support for Democratic Party principles. Former Senator…

  • Veterans Oral History
    Last Aired

    Veterans Oral History

    Former Senator Max Cleland (D-GA, 1997-2003) recalled his memories of serving in Vietnam, where he was wounded and lost three limbs. This is a portion of an interview conducted by the Library of…

  • Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Iraq
    Last Aired

    Resolution to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

    Former Senator Cleland and others described the bipartisan House Joint Resolution 55, the Homeward Bound Act, which is the latest effort to urge President Bush to undertake a plan for…

  • The Future of Iraq
    Last Aired

    The Future of Iraq

    A Bipartisan informal hearing on exit strategies for Iraq was held. Representative Woolsey called for the discussions with a focus on how to withdraw American troops while fulfilling the…

  • Democratic Radio Address
    Last Aired

    Democratic Radio Address

    Former Senator Cleland spoke in the weekly Democratic radio address about the situation in Iraq, calling for either a strategy to win or a strategy to get out.

  • Tribute to Tom Daschle
    Last Aired

    Tribute to Tom Daschle

    Current and former Democratic leaders honored former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle for his dedication to government and public service. Tom Daschle lost his re-election bid the…

  • Presidential Candidates Debate Media Center
    Last Aired

    Presidential Candidates Debate: Media Center

    Following the first of three presidential debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates, campaign officials and surrogates spoke to the media about their impressions of the debate and the remarks of…

  • Democratic National Convention Day 4 Evening
    Last Aired

    Democratic National Convention, Day 4 Evening

    In the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA, party leaders, legislators and others talked about the Kerry presidential candidacy and his ability as a leader.…

  • Intelligence and the War on Terrorism
    Last Aired

    Intelligence and the War on Terrorism

    Witnesses testified about ways to improve the effectiveness of the U.S. intelligence community against terrorist threats. Among the issues addressed were the leadership, organization,…

  • Terrorism and the Muslim World
    Last Aired

    Terrorism and the Muslim World

    Witnesses testified about the connections between Islam, jihad, and terrorism. Among the topics they addressed were Islamic culture and politics, the impact of U.S. policy in the Middle…

  • Origins and Impact of alQaida
    Last Aired

    Origins and Impact of al-Qaida

    Witnesses testified about the origins and operations of the al-Qaida terrorist network. Among the topics they addressed were the influence of Islamic and Middle Eastern culture, the…

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