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  • Union Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs
    Last Aired

    Union Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs

    Robert O’Harrow talked about his book on Montgomery Meigs, Union quartermaster general during the Civil War. Meigs was responsible for supplying Union armies in the field but also developed…

  • Four Influential Civil War Military Wives
    Last Aired

    Four Influential Civil War Military Wives

    Candice Shy Hooper talked about her book Lincoln’s Generals' Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War for Better and for Worse. The women profiled are Jessie Frémont, Nelly…

  • Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Community
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln and the Jewish Community

    Rabbi Gary Zola talks about his book, We Called Him Rabbi Abraham: Lincoln and American Jewry, A Documentary History. Rabbi Zola spoke about President Lincoln’s relationship with prominent Jews and the…

  • Abraham Lincoln and Economic Opportunity
    Last Aired

    Abraham Lincoln and Economic Opportunity

    Harold Holzer talked about President Abraham Lincoln’s outlook on economic growth, opportunity, and equality. He spoke about President Lincoln’s belief that every citizen has a right to “rise up,” including…

  • 13th Amendment at 150
    Last Aired

    13th Amendment at 150

    In commemoration of the 13th amendment’s 150th anniversary, a panel of scholars talked about the amendment’s legacy. The states ratified the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in December 1865 -…

  • First Lady Mary Lincoln
    Last Aired

    First Lady Mary Lincoln

    Richard Norton Smith and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn talked about the life and influence of first lady Mary Lincoln and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Topics included her political upbringing…

  • Ceremony Marking President Lincolns Last Ride
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Last Ride

    A horse procession commemorating “Lincoln’s Last Ride” began on 15th Street near the White House and concluded at Lincoln’s Cottage. A riderless horse represented the fallen president.…

  • AHTV Solomon Northrups Descendants
    Last Aired

    Solomon Northup's Descendants

    Vera Williams, Justin Gilliam, and Clayton Adams spoke about their ancestor Solomon Northup and the Oscar nominated movie based on his story, 12 Years a Slave. This event took place the…

  • First Ladies Vignettes
    Last Aired

    First Ladies Vignettes

    Vignettes were shown of experts at historic sites talking about the first ladies of the United States from Martha Washington through Ida McKinley. Portions of these vignettes were shown in the first 16…

  • Lincolns Hundred Days
    Last Aired

    Lincoln's Hundred Days

    Author Louis Masur talked about his book, Lincoln’s Hundred Days and the formulation of the Emancipation Proclamation. One hundred days passed between Lincoln’s preliminary Emancipation…