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  • emPoliticoem Forum Explores Future of Iran Nuclear Deal
    Last Aired

    Iran Nuclear Deal

    Robert Malley, a former Obama administration official who helped negotiate the Iran nuclear deal, was among the participants in a forum on the future of that agreement. The discussion came a few days…

  • Senator Chris Murphy Addresses J Street Conference
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Israel Relations and Middle East, Morning Session

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee member Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chief representative Maen Rashid Areikat delivered keynote remarks at a national…

  • Middle East Policy
    Last Aired

    Middle East Policy

    Panelists talked about the challenges in the Middle East and U.S. foreign policy in President Obama’s second term. Topics included the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, tensions over Iran’s…

  • emLiberation Squareem
    Last Aired

    Liberation Square

    Ashraf Khalil talked about the January 2011 Egyptian revolution and what has happened in that country over the past year. He had been reporting from Cairo for the past 15 years and was present in Tahrir…

  • Annapolis Middle East Summit
    Last Aired

    Annapolis Middle East Summit

    Former peace negotiators speak about the summit between Palestinian and Israeli officials to be held in Annapolis, Maryland. They talked about the likely processes, outcomes, and…

  • Middle East Peace Process
    Last Aired

    Middle East Peace Process

    A panel discussion was held on the prospects for peace in the Middle East five years after President Bush proposed a “two-state solution” in a Rose Garden address. Topics included the rise…

  • USSyria Relations
    Last Aired

    U.S.-Syria Relations

    Panelists talked about U.S policy toward Syria and the Middle East. They also talked about the impact of the U.S. invasion of Iraq on regional politics, Syria’s interests in Lebanon and the…

  • Impact of Palestinian Elections
    Last Aired

    Impact of Palestinian Elections

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing on the Middle East and the outcome of the Palestinian elections. Witnesses testified about the potential impact of Hamas' control of the…

  • Palestinian Elections
    Last Aired

    Palestinian Elections

    A panel of Middle East experts, recently returned from Palestine, discussed the implications of the Hamas victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, the likely impact on the Middle…

  • US Role in Middle East Peace Process
    Last Aired

    U.S. Role in Middle East Peace Process

    Middle East scholars talked about the U.S. role in the Middle East peace process, primarily the Palestinian-Israeli situation. Other topics included Palestinian freedom, the formation of…

  • Middle East Issues
    Last Aired

    Middle East Issues

    Policy analists talked about U.S. policy towards the Middle East, the future of Iraq, and security in the region should the U.S. decide to take military action against Iraq. They also…

  • Israeli Prime Minister and Middle East Peace
    Last Aired

    Israeli Prime Minister and Middle East Peace

    Experts spoke about the impact of recent Israeli elections on the Middle East peace process and the influence Prime Minister Sharon would have in the region. Among the issues they addressed…