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  • States and Health Care Costs Panel Discussion
    Last Aired

    States and Health Care Costs, Panel Discussion

    Policy experts talked about the findings of the State Health Care Cost Containment Commission report that states need to take a leadership role in controlling health care costs. The report,…

  • Report on Improving Health in America
    Last Aired

    Early Childhood Health Care

    Mark McClellan and Alice Rivlin led a discussion on improving health care. Among the topics addressed were investing in early childhood health care, integrating community development with…

  • Politico Pro Hosts Briefing on State Health Exchanges
    Last Aired

    Health Insurance Exchanges

    Panelists talked about the impact of Affordable Care Act’s state health insurance exchanges and requirement that all individuals either have health coverage or pay a tax penalty. Topics…

  • Health Care Reform Implications
    Last Aired

    Health Care Reform Implications

    Panelists talked about what needs to be done by states and the federal government to implement the Affordable Care Act. They also talk about the impact of future budget negotiations on the Medicare and Medicaid…

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans
    Last Aired

    Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

    Dr. Mark McClellan talked about Medicare Part D, the prescription drug aspect of the program, and he responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Dr. McClellan discussed how the drug plans work, how…

  • Medicare Cost Reductions
    Last Aired

    Medicare Cost Reductions

    Former Medicare administrators and other health care scholars talked about Medicare costs and various proposals to reduce the high cost of health care. The new health care reform law…

  • Future of Medicare
    Last Aired

    Future of Medicare

    Panelists talked about the future of Medicare. Topics included private-public partnerships and changes to health care delivery. They responded to audience members' questions.

  • Future of Health Care in America
    Last Aired

    Future of Health Care in America

    The panels of health care policy experts and insurance company executives talked about the financing of the health care system. Topics included the Massachusetts health care system,…

  • Health Care and Comparative Effectiveness Research
    Last Aired

    Health Care and Comparative Effectiveness Research

    Participants talked about health care reform and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which invested $1.1 billion for federal initiatives to begin work of comparative…

  • Improving Health Care
    Last Aired

    Improving Health Care

    Former Medicare Administrator and FDA Commissioner Mike McClellan talked about health care legislation with the House Republicans Health Care Caucus. Topics included health care quality and…

  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Management
    Last Aired

    Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

    CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood moderated this panel discussion entitled: “Health Care Debate in the 2008 Presidential Election: Are We Hearing Enough About Chronic Disease?” Topics included the…