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    Retirement and Social Security

    Panelists discussed the past, future, and current state of the Social Security system. They focused on various proposals to improve future solvency such as benefit cuts, raising the…

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    Long Military Deployments and Families

    Sara Manzano-Diaz began spoke about military women who suffer with emotional and psychological problems. She outlined the Obama administration’s priorities for the women’s bureau including…

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    Nancy Sherman on Military Families

    Nancy Sherman spoke about her book The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of Our Soldiers, talking about her father and his service during World War II. Based on her interviews…

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    Loree Sutton on Military Mental Helth Issues

    Loree Sutton talked about the increasing number of brain injuries U.S. troops suffer from, and new protocols to deal with brain injuries and psychological stress. She focused on the many…

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    Woodrow Wilson: A Biography

    Historian John Milton Cooper, Jr., argued that the roots of the modern American state go back further than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, to the pioneering administration of Woodrow Wilson. He began…