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  • Future of Net Neutrality
    Last Aired

    Future of Net Neutrality

    Industry analysts outlined their views on the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) expected decision later in the month to overturn 2015 rules on net neutrality that prohibit Internet…

  • Hearing Looks at Changes in Internet Governance and Oversight
    Last Aired

    Internet Governance

    Officials from private technology companies testified at a hearing on the implications of the Obama administration’s proposal to relinquish oversight of the Internet domain name system to…

  • TechFreedom Panel Reviews DC Circuit Court of Appeals Net Neutrality Decision
    Last Aired

    Open Internet Rules and Broadband Access

    Panelists talked about a recent decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upholding the Federal Communication Commission’s 2015 Open Internet Order*, giving the agency broad authority to regulate broadband…

  • Attorneys on Open Internet Rules
    Last Aired

    Attorneys on Open Internet Rules

    Attorneys talked about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 3-2 vote in favor of rule changes that reclassify high-speed broadband as a public utility, The change was intended to prevent…

  • Discussion with Republican FCC Commissioners on Open Internet Rules
    Last Aired

    FCC Commissioners on Open Internet Rules

    Republican FCC Commissioners Ajit Pai and Mike O’Rielly spoke about their opposition to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules on net neutrality. The FCC voted 3-2 the previous…

  • Telephone Transition to Internet Protocol
    Last Aired

    Communication Network Updates

    Panelists talked about how telephone companies were transitioning their networks to Internet Protocol, and what needed to happen to ensure a smooth transition. They also spoke about the…

  • FTC Launches Technology  Reform Project
    Last Aired

    Federal Trade Commission Technology and Reform Conference

    The Federal Trade Commissioner Joshua Wright talked about the FTC Act dealing with “unfair or deceptive acts or practices.” “The Need for Limits on Agency Discretion and the Case for Section 5 UMC…

  • Future of the Federal Trade Commission
    Last Aired

    Future of the Federal Trade Commission

    Panelists talked about the portion of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Act that deals with unfair or deceptive acts or practices. They also discussed the FTC discretion and how the agency…

  • TechFreedom Holds Briefing on Childrens Privacy  Media
    Last Aired

    Children's Online Privacy

    Two panels discussed recent changes to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). New regulations from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) went into effect July 1, 2013. The first panel focused on…

  • Telecomm Specialists Examine Cell Phone Unlocking
    Last Aired

    Congress and Cell Phone Unlocking

    FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai gave the keynote address at a forum un cell phone “unlocking,” a prohibited practice that could allow consumers to re-use phones once their service contract ends.

  • Facial Recognition Technology and Privacy
    Last Aired

    Facial Recognition Technology and Privacy

    A panel of speakers from the public and private sectors talked about facial recognition technology and the privacy issues that arise as this technology becomes widespread. “Facing the Policy…