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  • US Energy Policy
    Last Aired

    U.S. Energy Policy

    Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Southern Energy Company CEO Thomas Fanning were interviewed at the Washington Ideas Forum. Secretary Moniz talked about the Energy Department agenda with…

  • Washington Ideas Forum Final Panel
    Last Aired

    Washington Ideas Forum, Final Panel

    In a series of interviews, race relations, food security, poverty, and other social issues were talked about. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke about her novel Americanah, a Nigerian girl’s account of…

  • Sixth Annual Washington Ideas Forum
    Last Aired

    Washington Ideas Forum, Day 1 Morning Session

    Journalists interviewed lawmakers, Obama administration officials, and policy experts on a variety of topics. The sixth annual Washington Ideas Forum was held October 29-30, 2014, by The…

  • Brain Mapping Panel
    Last Aired

    Brain Mapping Panel

    Innovator and philanthropist Mick Ebeling talked about brain mapping science. He discussed his inspiration for starting the non-profit organization Not Impossible Labs and showed a video,…

  • Dr Anthony Fauci on Ebola
    Last Aired

    Dr. Anthony Fauci on Ebola

    Dr. Anthony Fauci talked with David Brooks about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and actions U.S. health care officials. He offered recommendations for containing the outbreak and…

  • Charlie Cook on Midterm Elections
    Last Aired

    Charlie Cook on Midterm Elections

    Charlie Cook gave an analysis on the upcoming midterm elections. He discussed the House and Senate races and the state of the Republican and Democratic Parties. This was part of the second…

  • Secretary Kerry on USIsraeli Relations
    Last Aired

    Secretary Kerry on U.S-Israeli Relations

    Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with Steve Clemons about U.S-Israel relations. He addressed the anonymous U.S. official who insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He also…

  • Entrepreneurship and the Economy
    Last Aired

    Entrepreneurship and the Economy

    Panelists talked about starting their own businesses. Panelists included Hamdi Ulukaya, who talked about mass marketing Chobani Greek yogurt, Nicholas Cary, who talked about the founding of Bitcoin, and…

  • Origins of the Universe Aliens and Space Exploration Preview
    Last Aired

    Brian Greene on the Origins of the Universe

    Brian Greene was interviewed by Walter Isaacson about the origins of the universe. Topics included the origin of the term “Big Bang Theory.” Professor Greene is the author of The Fabric of the Cosmos,…

  • 2014 Economy Summit Richard Trumka
    Last Aired

    2014 Economy Summit, Richard Trumka

    Richard Trumka was interviewed at The Atlantic’s the third annual Economy Summit. He talked about labor unions, the U.S. trade agenda, collective bargaining rights, and the state of the…

  • 2014 Economy Summit Sylvia Mathews Burwell
    Last Aired

    2014 Economy Summit, Sylvia Mathews Burwell

    White House Budget Director Sylvia Mathews Burwell talked about the Obama administration’s 2014 budget request, and said progress ccould be made with House Speaker John Boehner and…

  • Senate Gun Control Legislation
    Last Aired

    Senate Gun Control Legislation

    Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) talked with Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg News. The senator said he was optimistic that a revised bipartisan bill to expand background checks for gun sales would pass the…

  • President Obama Biographers
    Last Aired

    President Obama Biographers

    Three of President Obama’s biographers discussed his thinking and evolution in presidential power. Topics included his motivations, the 2012 election, and comparisons with President…

  • US Strategic Competitiveness
    Last Aired

    U.S. Strategic Competitiveness

    Business community scholars and economists talked about the need for more U.S. entrepreneurial leadership in the world. They focused on the economy, immigration reform, and innovation. They…

  • Drone Warfare
    Last Aired

    Drone Warfare

    Former Central Intelligence Agency officer Henry Crumpton talked about drone warfare, concerns over cybersecurity, and the Afghanistan war. He said that drone technology could not replace…

  • Women in the Senate
    Last Aired

    Women in the Senate

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) talked about women senators and their role in compromising and the legislative process. She said that women senators are working well together and getting things done. She also…

  • SuperPacs in the 2012 Election
    Last Aired

    SuperPacs in the 2012 Election

    Bill Burton and Trevor Potter spoke about the influence of super political action committees (SuperPACs) in the 2012 election. Trevor Potter, general counsel for Senator McCain’s 2000 and 2008 presidential…

  • Sequestration and the Fiscal Cliff
    Last Aired

    Sequestration and the Fiscal Cliff

    Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) talked about the “fiscal cliff,” the automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled for January 2013 if Congress failed to reach a budget agreement before then. He said that…

  • Obama and Romney Campaign Advisers
    Last Aired

    Obama and Romney Campaign Advisers

    Romney campaign senior adviser Kevin Madden and Obama campaign spokesperson Jen Psaki discussed the 2012 presidential election. Mr. Madden said that they did not believe President Obama would have the same turnout…

  • Google and EMail Privacy
    Last Aired

    Google and E-Mail Privacy

    Google’s chief legal officer David Drummond spoke about the privacy of electronic mail. He said that Google and e-mail content and information are stored in order to allow quick usage and…

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