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  • Dick Cheney and Leon Panetta Discuss Trump Administration Defense Policy
    Last Aired

    Reagan National Defense Forum, Former Defense Secretaries

    Former Defense Secretaries Dick Cheney and Leon Panetta talked about the future of the Defense Department under President-elect Donald Trump. The discussion was moderated by CNN Pentagon correspondent…

  • Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum ReDedication
    Last Aired

    Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum Re-Dedication

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney and others delivered brief remarks at the re-dedication ceremony of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.

  • Dick Cheney Possible Presidential Run
    Last Aired

    Dick Cheney Possible Presidential Run

    Former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney talked about his plans for the future and the possibility that he might run for the Republican presidential nomination in 1996. He answered editors'…

  • POWMIA Issues Day One
    Last Aired

    POW/MIA Issues Day One

    The Senate’s new Select Committee on POW’s and MIA’s held its first hearing and began its efforts to resolve some of the unanswered questions about alleged prisoners of war and soldiers who…

  • 20th Anniversary of the Persian Gulf War
    Last Aired

    20th Anniversary of the Persian Gulf War

    Former President George H.W. Bush commemorated the 20th anniversary of the initiation of military operations to liberate Kuwait from Iraq by inviting Desert Storm veterans to a discussion among members of…

  • Desert Shield and the Gulf War
    Last Aired

    Desert Shield and the Gulf War

    Scholars, members of the Bush administration and others discussed the U.S. operations in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Mr. Heimbach, Laurence Radway summarized their papers on Bush’s…

  • President Bush at the Pentagon
    Last Aired

    President Bush at the Pentagon

    President Bush addressed the employees at the Pentagon who implement his military commands. He explained the events in the Middle East. The president was introduced by Secretary Cheney.

  • Former President Ford Dinner Speech
    Last Aired

    Former President Ford Dinner Speech

    As part of the Gerald Ford Presidency conference, former President Ford and other dignitaries delivered remarks at the banquet. Topics included the transition from the Nixon to the Ford…

  • Lessons of the Persian Gulf War
    Last Aired

    Lessons of the Persian Gulf War

    Former Bush administration officials talked about the lessons of the Persian Gulf War, including the importance of experience and familiarity of top officials. Topics included the military…

  • Life and Career of Dick Cheney
    Last Aired

    Life and Career of Dick Cheney

    Secretary Cheney spoke about his tenure as the single representative for the state of Wyoming. He also spoke about the decision-making process in which he presently finds himself concerning…

  • Foreign Policy Debate
    Last Aired

    Foreign Policy Debate

    Former Secretary Cheney moderated the debate between former secretaries of State and other foreign policy specialists. They covered topics such as the Marshall Plan, the expansion of NATO…

  • Alaskan Oil Spill News Conference
    Last Aired

    Alaskan Oil Spill News Conference

    President George H. W. Bush talked to reporters about the Exxon-Valdez oil spill. Topics included the ecological and economic damage caused by the oil spill, federal assistance in both…

  • emThe Presidential Differenceem
    Last Aired

    The Presidential Difference

    Mr. Greenstein talked about his book The Presidential Difference: Leadership Style from FDR to Clinton, published by the Free Press. The book provides an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of…

  • Chief of Staff in the Governing Community
    Last Aired

    Chief of Staff in the Governing Community

    Through personal recollections and anecdotes, former White House chiefs of staff talked about the day-to-day operation of the executive and the demands of the job. Among the issues they addressed were…

  • General Powell Retirement Ceremony
    Last Aired

    General Powell Retirement Ceremony

    President Clinton and Secretary Aspin spoke at a full military ceremony celebrating the long, distinguished career of retiring Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Powell.…

  • Defense Department News Briefing
    Last Aired

    Defense Department News Briefing

    Mr. Cheney and General Powell detailed the attack on Iraq by U.S. forces which began earlier in the evening. Mr. Cheney said the objectives of the attack were to hit only military targets,…

  • Reelection and Closing an Administration
    Last Aired

    Re-election and Closing an Administration

    Former White House chiefs of staff talked about balancing the official business of the president with political concerns during a campaign for re-election. They provided personal…

  • Intelligence and the Cold War
    Last Aired

    Intelligence and the Cold War

    The panelists discussed how policymakers use intelligence provided by the CIA. Former Bush administration officials who managed national security policy described the usefulness and…

  • Military Operations Command Structure
    Last Aired

    Military Operations Command Structure

    Former Defense Department officials discussed changes to defense policy resulting from passage of the Goldwater-Nichols Act which created the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After prepared remarks,…

  • Professional Military Training
    Last Aired

    Professional Military Training

    Panelists discussed the importance of professional military training provided by military academies. Mr. Cheney announced the findings of a two year study on military education. His panel…

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