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    Sudan Referendum Results

    Panelists analyzed the results Sudan’s referendum on soverignty, their implications, and the role of the U.S. in partnering with the world’s newest country. They also responded to questions…

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    Mexico Drug Violence and the U.S. Economy

    Ray Walser talked about the number of U.S. companies based in Mexico that are abandoning that country because of the growing strength and influence of drug cartels and intense violence, and…

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    The Threat Closer to Home

    Michael Rowan talked about the book he co-wrote, The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America (Free Press; January 6, 2009). The book takes a critical look at the rule of…

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    President Obama in Mexico

    Ray Walser talked about President Obama’s visit to Mexico to discuss border issues, drugs, and gun violence, trade and the U.S.-Mexico relationship with Mexico President Calderon. Mr.…

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    Mexican Drug Cartels

    General Barry McCaffrey (Ret.) talked about Mexico’s military and law enforcement war against Mexican drug cartels and U.S. efforts to counter that country’s drug trafficking. He also addressed uncertainty…

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    Cuba After Fidel Castro

    Brian Latell talked about the new leader of Cuba and his possible domestic and foreign policies. He spoke primarily on the differences in leadership style between Fidel and Raul, and on his belief that Raul…