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    The 135th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

    Ms. Grim read a letter from Tom Brokaw, explaining that he could not attend since he was covering the impeachment proceedings. Dr. Franklin spoke about the importance of the Gettysburg address. Mr.…

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    Race, the Court and the Nation

    Mr. Franklin talked about the history of race relations, civil rights, and the role of the court in transforming American culture in the late 20th century.

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    Book Discussion on From Slavery to Freedom

    Mr. Franklin talked about his book From Slavery to Freedom published by McGraw Hill Text. Alfred A. Moss was a contributor to the book. It is about the history of African-Americans…

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    Race Advisory Board Meeting

    The president had an open and informal meeting with his advisory board on race relations. He talked about the importance of their work and its political impact on the country.

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    Student Diversity and Public Education

    This introductory portion features opening comments by Professor Franklin, Secretary Riley and Mr. Clausen. Secretary Riley talked about the importance of the panel’s work and the progress…

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    Demographics and Attitudes on Race Part 2

    In their second meeting, board members heard testimony from three experts on racial attitudes. Dr. Jones spoke about the embedded nature of race in U.S. society. Dr. Dovidio spoke about…

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    U.S. Racial Attitudes

    President Clinton and Vice President Gore addressed the President’s Advisory Board on Race. The board was holding its meeting on the relationship between demographics and race relations.…

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    Race Relations

    Mr. Franklin, Mr. West and members of the Congressional Black Caucus participated in a forum to discuss the state of race relations in the United States. The forum was part of the 27th…

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    Advisory Board on Race Organizational Meeting

    President Clinton’s Advisory Board on Race held its first meeting in its yearlong effort to develop a report on race relations in the United States. The members of the board talked about their goals and their…

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    Race and the Constitution

    In his speech, Franklin discusses how blacks were discriminated against by laws upheld to be constitutional in the nineteenth century. His focus, however, is less upon the flaws of the…

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    Bork Nomination Day 8, Part 2

    Three law professors testified against the nomination. Professor Franklin related personal experiences with segregation and suggested that Judge Bork, had he been on the Supreme Court at the time, would not have had the…