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    Future of the U.S. Economy

    The panelists talked about the growth of the U.S. economy and employment, deficit reduction, globalization, tax cuts, Social Security, oil consumption, and public investments. After their…

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    Book Discussion on Hero Mama: The Mother Who Held Her Family Together

    Ms. Zacharias talked about her memoir Hero Mama: A Daughter Remembers the Father She Lost in Vietnam--and the Mother Who Held Her Family Together, published by William Morrow, at the New School…

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    Border Security System Before September 11

    Witnesses testified about border security and ways in which September 11, 2001 terrorists managed to enter the U.S. They also talked about the visa process, consular operations, and…

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    The Korean War Generation

    In a speech titled, “The Korean War: Was It Worth the Price?” Former Senator Kerrey talked about the accomplishments of the war, the politics of North and South Korea, and popular support…

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    Book Discussion on Restoration of the Republic

    Mr. Hart talked about his book, Restoration of the Republic: The Jeffersonian Ideal in 21st Century America, published by Oxford University Press. He was joined by former Democratic senator Bob…

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    Book Discussion on When I Was a Young Man

    Mr. Kerrey discussed his memoir When I Was A Young Man, published by Harcourt. In it he describes his journey from growing up in Nebraska to becoming a decorated war Veteran, successful…

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    The World Economy After the U.S. Recession

    Mr. Kerrey moderated a discussion in which Former Secretary Rubin and Mr. Fischer talked about capitalism as a constructive force. Among the topics they addressed were interaction between…

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    Budget and Entitlement Programs

    Participants talked about budget issues and entitlement reform. Among the topics he addressed were Social Security solvency, budget deficits, and budget predictions. Following their remarks…

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    Civilian Deaths in Vietnam

    Former Senator Kerrey spoke to reporters about an incident during the Vietnam War in which his patrol killed civilians. He said the incident had troubled him over the years and said that…