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    Book Discussion on "And Then I Met..."

    Former Representative James Rogan (R-CA) talked about his memoir 'And Then I Met…' Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them, a collection of…

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    Former Prisoners of the Vietnam War Panel

    Former prisoners of war (POWs) from the Vietnam War shared their experiences. On May 24, 1973, President Nixon held a White House dinner to welcome prisoners of war home from Vietnam. From…

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    Prisoners of the Vietnam War Homecoming 40th Anniversary Dinner

    May 24 is the anniversary of the 1973 White House dinner hosted by the Nixons to welcome home Vietnam War POWs. Ross Perot delivered the keynote address, and video messages from Secretary…

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    Vietnam POW Homecoming Anniversary

    Participants spoke at the opening ceremony of a 40th anniversary reunion for former Vietnam prisoners of war (POW). The event included a wreath-laying ceremony at the grave of President…

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    Intelligence in 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Panel 1

    Panelists spoke about recently declassified intelligence reports from the 1973 Arab-Israeli War.*They talked about factors that led to the missed call on the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 and considered how…

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    Role of Intelligence in 1973 Arab-Israeli War

    Former CIA officials talked about the role of intelligence and information contained in CIA-declassified documents related to the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Andrew Liepman described the lessons…

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    President Nixon Centennial Birthday Gala

    A gala dinner marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of President Richard Nixon. The event was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel where President Nixon’s two inaugural…

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    First Lady Pat Nixon, Ambassador of Goodwill

    Pat Nixon traveled to over 75 countries making her the most traveled first lady in history at that time. Speakers include daughter Julie Nixon Eisenhower, former military aide Gen. Don Hughes,…

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    Richard Nixon and New Federalism

    Panelists discussed what President Richard Nixon did during his presidency to shift power from the federal government to state and local governments. Video clips were shown of the August 8, 1969, speech in…

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    Book Discussion on Catching Our Flag

    Former Republican Congressman James Rogan of California recounted his role in the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton and the effect the verdict had on the executive branch. Mr. Rogan…

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    Book Discussion on The Greatest Comeback

    Pat Buchanan talked about his book, The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose from Defeat to Create the New Majority, in which he looks at the years between 1962-1968, when Richard…