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    Book Discussion on Words and Money

    Andre Schiffrin, founder of The New Press, argues that media conglomeration has led to the death of serious reportage in the United States. The author presents his thoughts on the current…

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    Book Discussion on Dr. Seuss & Co. Go To War

    Andre Schiffrin talked about the book he edited, Dr. Seuss & Co. Go To War: The World War II Editorial Cartoons of America’s Leading Comic Artists (The New Press; October 6, 2009). The book…

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    Memorial Service for Studs Terkel

    A memorial was held for author and radio host Studs Terkel, who died on October 31, 2008, at the age of 96. He received the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1985, and is best remembered for…

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    The Future of Independent Publishing

    Independent publishers talked about publishing contemporary political books and the future of independent publishing in general. They discussed the differing objectives of independent…

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    Book Discussion on A Political Education

    Andre Schiffrin talked about his book A Political Education: Coming of Age in Paris and New York, published by Melville House. André Schiffrin was born the son of one of France’s most well regarded…

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    Book Discussion on The Business of Books

    Mr. Schiffrin gave the luncheon address at the third annual meeting for Small and Independent Publishers. The former managing editor of Pantheon Books talked about his book, The Business of…

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    The Changing Face of the Publishing Industry

    The panel discussed how changes in the publishing industry have affected what America reads. Mr. Schiffrin is the author of The Business of Books: How the International Conglomerates Took Over…

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    Public Information in Publishing Industry

    Panelists discussed trends in the publishing industry and public information levels. They examined several topics, including the operation of independent publishing houses in an era of…

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    Publishing Public Policy Journals

    The panelists discussed topics such as the relation between daily journalism and review journalism and the effects of television journalism on print journalism. They also talked about the…