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    African Americans and Civil Rights

    Historians and activists reflected on the historical arc of the civil rights movement. This discussion was part of a three-day conference called “The Future of the African American Past.”…

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    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Professor Clayborne Carson talks about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, early life, why he decided to become a reverend, and how that contributed to his work in the Civil Rights movement. This class…

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    Open Phones on 50th Anniversary of Selma March

    Bernard LaFayette and Clayborne Carson talked about the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, and responded to viewer comments and questions. They were at the Edmund Pettus Bridge…

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    50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

    The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum hosted a conference on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. The program included presentations by attendees of the March, a…

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    From Emancipation to the Civil Rights Movement

    Panelists talked about the history of black freedom movements and their significance to United States history.*They marked the 50th anniversary of March on Washington and the 150th anniversary of…

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    Reaction to Panel on Black Freedom Movements

    Clayborne Carson talked about the history of black freedom movements in United States. He responded to telephone calls and electronic communications from viewers who had just seen a panel…

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    After Words with Clayborne Carson

    Historian Clayborne Carson talked about his book, Martin’s Dream: My Journey and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., in which he recounts his own journey from a teenage civil rights…