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    After Words with Clayborne Carson

    Historian Clayborne Carson talked about his book, Martin’s Dream: My Journey and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr., in which he recounts his own journey from a teenage civil rights…

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    After Words with Ron Christie

    Mr. Christie explores the history of the disparaging term “acting white,” from its origin during the Reconstruction era to its current use. He discussed the phrase and its impact with Janet…

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    After Words with Bill and Janet Cohen

    In summer 2008, the Cohens conducted a forum on race relations in America with a long list of participants. That forumis encapsulated in their book, which they discussed with civil rights…

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    Race and Reconciliation in America, Part 3

    Douglas Blackmon talked about his book, Slavery by Another Name, which details the age of “neo-slavery” that he asserts took place between the end of the Civil War and the beginning of World War II. Marc Titus and…

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    Race and Reconciliation in America, Part 1

    Former U.S. Senator and Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen and his wife, playwright Janet Langhart Cohen, hosted a conference at the National Press Club on “Race and Reconciliation in America.” They are the…

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    Anti-Lynching Apology Resolution

    Senators announced a resolution they are sponsoring apologizing for the U.S. Senate’s refusal to pass anti-lynching legislation for over a century. A photograph of a lynching victim was…

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    After Words with Sheldon Hackney

    Sheldon Hackney discussed his book Magnolias Without Moonlight: The American South from Regional Confederacy to National Integration, published by Transaction Publishers. He discussed the political…

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    Past Civil Rights Abuses

    Senators Landrieu and Allen and others spoke to reporters about a proposed resolution apologizing for past Senate inaction on proposed anti-lynching laws. Following their remarks they…

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    From Rage to Reason Book Party

    Janet Langhart Cohen was at a book party hosted at the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington, D.C. for her book From Rage to Reason: My Life in Two Americas, published by Dafina Books. She is the…