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    First Lady Dolley Madison

    Guests talked about the life and influence of First Lady Dolley Madison, focusing on her role in Washington society, her years as first lady (1809-1817), and activities in Washington after her…

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    War of 1812 200th Anniversary, Catherine Allgor

    Catherine Allgor spoke at a symposium commemorating the 200th anniversary of the British invasion and burning of Washington, D.C., in August 1814. “American Under Fire: Mr. Madison’s war and the…

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    Women in the Early Republic

    Professor Catherine Allgor lectured to her history class on the lives of women in the early republic. While the history of the period usually focuses on the actions of men and battlefields,…

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    The Evolving Role of the First Lady

    Participants spoke about the role of the first lady and how it had evolved as the nation changed during various eras. Among the topics addressed were the differing causes and projects undertaken by first ladies, their…

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    First Ladies Through American History

    Scholars and historians considered the role and influence of American first ladies throughout history. Moderator Cokie Roberts posed the question, “Why do we study first ladies?” “Influence Makers: First Ladies through…

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    Catherine Allgor on Dolley Madison

    Catherine Allgor discussed how first lady Dolley Madison came to symbolize the new American democracy in the War of 1812. She responded to questions from members of the audience at the Norfolk…