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    After Words with Michael Sandel

    Mercenaries can be paid to fight a country’s wars; students can be paid to get good grades. Professor Sandel explores whether there is something wrong with a world in which everything seems…

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    State and Municipal Debt

    Witnesses testified about state and municipal debts and whether states should be allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. Among the topics they addressed were the strength of the bond…

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    After Words with Harry Markopolos

    Harry Markopolos talked about his book No One Would Listen, about his efforts to inform officials at the SEC and members of the media about the Ponzi scheme that Bernard Madoff was running…

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    After the Fall

    Nicole Gelinas talked about her book After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street - and Washington (Encounter Books; November 24, 2009). She argues that government interference in the…