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  • 2012 Election Trends
    Last Aired

    2012 Election Trends

    Panelists talked about some of the voter trends in the 2012 elections. Researchers from the Pew Center and MIT outlined the results of studies taken on and after the 2012 election. By 2050 the…

  • Voter Registration Improvements
    Last Aired

    Voter Registration Improvements

    Panelists talked about challenges in voter registration and methods of improvement. “Does Voter Registration Need an Upgrade?” was part of a Pew Center on the States day-long conference on…

  • Voter Identification Laws
    Last Aired

    Voter Identification Laws

    Ohio and West Virginia secretaries of state Jon Husted (R-OH) and Natalie Tennant (D-WV) talked about voter identification laws in their respective states. “Ensuring Integrity and Access: Voter…

  • Voting Wait Lines and the 2012 Election
    Last Aired

    Voting Wait Lines and the 2012 Election

    Panelists talked about voter difficulties in the 2012 election. Topics included voter ID laws, long voting lines, and voter suppression. “Long Lines and High Enthusiasm” was part of a Pew…

  • Voting and Social Media
    Last Aired

    Voting and Social Media

    Panelists talked about the role social media played in the 2012 presidential election. Among the topics they covered were the cost of old voting technology versus new, and the availability to voters of…

  • State Pension and Retiree Health Benefits
    Last Aired

    State Pension and Retiree Health Benefits

    Deputy Director of Pew Center on the States Lori Grange answered questions from state and local government representatives attending a Pew Center event on the management state pension and…

  • National Significance of State and Local Pension Issues
    Last Aired

    National Significance of State and Local Pension Issues

    Panelists talked about the significance of state and local public sector retirement issues and the rising costs of health care.

  • 2008 Election Administration Preview
    Last Aired

    2008 Election Administration Preview

    Doug Chapin previewed the election administration issues in each state. Topics included voting systems, registration figures, and potential problems. He provided data on voter…

  • Nationwide Election Reform
    Last Aired

    Nationwide Election Reform

    Participants talked about various proposals to reform election laws and procedures across the nation. Among the issues they addressed were setting national standards, local and regional…