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  • Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman
    Last Aired

    Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman

    Professor Lisa Ossian used photographs and diary entries to describe the enduring friendship between Republican Herbert Hoover and Democrat Harry Truman. This event was part of the Herbert Hoover…

  • emA Force So Swiftem
    Last Aired

    A Force So Swift

    Kevin Peraino talked about his book A Force So Swift: Mao, Truman, and the Birth of Modern China, 1949, in which he recalls President Harry Truman’s response to Mao Zedong’s takeover of…

  • Truman Administration and Latin America
    Last Aired

    Truman Administration and Latin America

    Professor Stephen Rabe talked about the successes and disappointments of President Harry Truman’s policies in Latin America. This talk took place at a conference titled “Harry Truman’s Legacy…

  • President Trumans Latin American Legacy
    Last Aired

    President Truman's Latin American Legacy

    Raymond Geselbracht, a former archivist at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum, talked about President Truman’s Latin American travels. He explored the 33rd president’s Latin American legacy…

  • Truman and the Bolivian Revolution
    Last Aired

    Truman and the Bolivian Revolution

    Thomas Field talked about President Harry Truman’s response to the Bolivian Revolution. This talk took place at a conference titled “Harry Truman’s Legacy Toward Latin and South America.”

  • US and Latin American Relationship with Korea
    Last Aired

    U.S. and Latin American Relationship with Korea

    Bradley Coleman talked about about the Truman administration’s partnership with Latin America during the Korean War. This talk took place at a conference titled “Harry Truman’s Legacy Toward…

  • Harry Truman and Celebrities
    Last Aired

    Harry Truman and Celebrities

    Truman Presidential Library archivist David Clark talked about former President Harry S. Truman’s relationships with celebrity athletes, politicians, and entertainers using letters, photos,…

  • Harry Trumans Political Relationships
    Last Aired

    Harry Truman's Political Relationships

    Historians discussed President Harry Truman’s leadership and how he interacted with three prominent Texas politicians, John Nance Garner, Sam Rayburn, and Lyndon B. Johnson. To celebrate…

  • HW Brands Discusses emThe General vs the Presidentem
    Last Aired

    The General vs. the President

    H.W. Brands talked about his book The General vs. the President: MacArthur and Truman at the Brink of Nuclear War, in which he examines the contentious relationship between President Harry…

  • Harry Truman and Public Service
    Last Aired

    Harry Truman and Public Service

    Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spoke with historian Michael Beschloss about Harry Truman’s commitment to public service as both vice president and president. To celebrate the…

  • Harry S Trumans Little White House
    Last Aired

    Harry S. Truman's Little White House

    Robert Wolz gave a tour of President Harry S. Truman’s Little White House in Key West, Florida. Mr. Wolz showed the house and shared stories of President Truman’s working home. He spoke about the seven U.S.…

  • em1948em
    Last Aired


    David Pietrusza recounts the presidential campaign and election of 1948 that pitted Democratic President Harry Truman against Republican challenger Governor Thomas Dewey. The author examines the path…

  • First Lady Bess Truman
    Last Aired

    First Lady Bess Truman

    William Seale and Nicole Anslover talked about the life and influence of first lady Bess Truman and responded to telephone calls and electronic communications. Bess Truman earned a staff salary when her…

  • Discussion on Truman and the Pacific War
    Last Aired

    Truman and the Pacific War

    Richard Thornton talked about President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. He spoke about the diplomatic relations between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, and the promises…

  • Clifton Truman Daniel on Hiroshima
    Last Aired

    Clifton Truman Daniel in Hiroshima

    President Truman’s eldest grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel, talked about his trip to Japan in August 2012, the first ever for a Truman. He arrived in Hiroshima as the city prepared to mark…

  • Discussion on President Truman and World War II
    Last Aired

    Truman's Presidency and World War II

    David McCullough talked about Harry S. Truman’s presidency and World War II. He said that President Truman’s humility and quiet courage, stemming from his working class upbringing in rural…

  • Newsreel of the 1945 Funeral of President Franklin Roosevelt
    Last Aired

    1945 Funeral of President Roosevelt

    This program included official U.S. government newsreel coverage of the funeral of President Franklin Roosevelt, who died on April 12, 1945, followed by biographical information about President…

  • emThe War Ends in Europeem
    Last Aired

    The War Ends in Europe

    This 1945 United News reel about Victory in Europe day includes clips of the signing of the surrender and President Truman making the official statement.

  • First Ladies Through the Eyes of Descendants
    Last Aired

    First Ladies Through the Eyes of Descendants

    Descendants of first ladies, a great-granddaughter of Lou Hoover, a grandson of Bess Truman, and a daughter of Betty Ford recalled life as members of a presidential family and the impact on their own…

  • President Truman on Equality
    Last Aired

    President Truman on Equality

    In this 1947 Universal News segment, President Harry Truman spoke to a crowd of 10,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial to call for equality for all citizens.

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