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    Freedmen During Reconstruction

    Historians talked about what life was like for Freedmen after the Civil War and the overall successes and failures of Reconstruction. They spoke about educational opportunities, land…

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    Abraham Lincoln and Immigration

    Harold Holzer talked about Abraham Lincoln’s views on immigration policy and immigrant groups in America. He described Lincoln’s efforts to court the German-American vote early in his…

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    Reconstruction After Lincoln's Assassination

    Frank Williams talked about politics and culture after President Lincoln’s assassination and the Reconstruction Era that followed. This talk was part of the annual Lincoln Forum Symposium.…

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    Controversy over General Robert E. Lee Monuments

    Ervin Jordan, author of Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia talked about the controversies over the monument in Charlottesville, Virginia, of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. “Monument Man:…

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    Controversy over Civil War Monuments and Memorials

    Christy Coleman talked about the controversies over Civil War monuments and memorials. Introductory remarks were made by Mr. Rawls for the all-day symposium on the past, present, and future of Civil War monuments,…

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    Johnston and Sherman's April 1865 Meeting

    Craig Symonds and John Marszalek talked about the meeting between Generals William Sherman and Joseph Johnston to discuss future of the Union Army at the end of the Civil War. The April 1865 meeting…

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    Grant's Terms of Surrender at Appomattox

    Joan Waugh talked about how Union General Ulysses S. Grant conducted the surrender at Appomattox and sought to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation with the defeated Confederates. She…

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    Joshua Chamberlain at Petersburg

    Dennis Rasbach talks about Union officer Joshua Chamberlain, who was wounded on June 18, 1864, during the Second Battle of Petersburg in Virginia. Mr. Rasbach reexamined primary sources and questioned…

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    Abraham Lincoln at City Point and Richmond

    Noah Andre Trudeau described the process of researching his recent book on Abraham’s Lincoln’s time at City Point and Richmond, Virginia, near the end of the Civil War in 1865. He talked…

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    Secretary of War Edwin Stanton

    William Marvel talked about Edwin Stanton, Abraham Lincoln’s Secretary of War during most of the Civil War. Mr. Marvel argued that Stanton’s loyalties to people lasted only as long as they were…

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    Civil War Infantry Tactics and Weapons

    Earl Hess talked about the different infantry formations and maneuvers used during the Civil War and when generals might have used them. He also spoke about how tactics and weaponry…

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    Union General Gouverneur K. Warren

    Robert Girardi talked about the role and reputation of Union General Gouverneur K. Warren during the Civil War. He examined some of the criticisms against Warren for his personality and…

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    Punishment for Secession and the 14th Amendment

    William Blair talked about how the 14th Amendment was used after the Civil War to punish former rebels for secession. He described how the different sections of the amendment applied to…

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    Four Influential Civil War Military Wives

    Candice Shy Hooper talked about her book Lincoln’s Generals' Wives: Four Women Who Influenced the Civil War for Better and for Worse. The women profiled are Jessie Frémont, Nelly…

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    Federal Breakthrough at Petersburg

    Edward Alexander, author of Dawn of Victory: Breakthrough at Petersburg, March 25-April 2, 1865, talked about the engagements between Confederate and Union forces around Petersburg, Virginia, in the spring of…

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    Army of Tennessee's Assault at Franklin

    Lee White talked about the Confederate Army of Tennessee’s failed assault at the Battle of Franklin. In November 1864, after Union General William Sherman captured Atlanta and began his “March to the Sea,”…

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    John Bell Hood's Assault at Atlanta

    Stephen Davis talked about the 1864 Battle of Atlanta and the engagements on July 22 just outside the city. He focused on Confederate General John Bell Hood’s attack on Union forces commanded by William Tecumseh…

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    Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

    Chris Mackowski talked about the May 1864 Battle of Spotsylvania Court House, which pitted Ulysses S. Grant and his Union forces against Robert E. Lee and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. Mr. Mackowski detailed the…

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    Battle of the Wilderness and Longstreet's Counterattack

    Kristopher White talked about Confederate General James Longstreet’s counterattack during the May 1864 Battle of the Wilderness in northern Virginia. Mr. White described the aims of both the Union and…

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    General James Longstreet's Assault at Chickamauga

    James Ogden examined General James Longstreet’s assault at Chickamauga and assesses the actions of the general during the battle. He argued that there was a difference between the formation Longstreet had planned…

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