b. April 1, 1950
Trenton, NJ

Justice Samuel Alito

Took His Seat: January 31, 2007

'If our arguments were on television, we'd face some very stiff competition because there is already a surfeit of programming for court aficionados.'

- The Associated Press, October 19, 2007

'I had the opportunity to deal with this issue actually in relation to my own court a number of years ago. All the courts of appeals were given the authority to allow their oral arguments to be televised if it wanted. We had a debate within our court about whether we would or should allow television cameras in our courtroom. I argued that we should do it…The issue is a little different in the Supreme Court. It would be presumptuous for me to talk about it right now, particularly since at least one of the justices have said that a television camera would make its way into the Supreme Court over his dead body. I will keep an open mind despite the decision I took in the third circuit.'

- Confirmation Hearing, January 11, 2006

'Television coverage of the Supreme Court would not simply let the public see what goes on before that important institution, but would also in some ways change what now goes on…Some lawyers arguing before the court in televised cases would use the occasion to address the television audience for political or other purposes.' In addition, Alito said televised proceedings could affect how justices ask questions during arguments.

- Association of the Federal Bar of New Jersey speech, April 1996 (prior to joining the Court)