National Rifle Association Convention

Mr. Heston was elected president of the NRA at their annual meeting. In his speech, he called for enforcement of existing gun laws, not new legislation, and criticized President Clinton.

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  • Edward Land Secretary National Rifle Association
  • Wayne R. LaPierre Executive V.P. and CEO National Rifle Association
  • Tanya Metaksa Executive Director National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
  • Kayne Robinson Vice President National Rifle Association
  • Craig Sandler Executive Director National Rifle Association->General Operations Division
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National Rifle Association Convention

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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Jun 07, 1998 | 4:51pm EDT | C-SPAN 1
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Jun 08, 1998 | 8:00pm EDT | C-SPAN 2

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  • Jun 07, 1998 | 4:51pm EDT | C-SPAN 1
  • Jun 08, 1998 | 1:59am EDT | C-SPAN 2
  • Jun 08, 1998 | 8:00pm EDT | C-SPAN 2
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National Rifle Association Convention

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