Alternative Fuels, Part 3

The Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Environmental Protection held a hearing on the use of alternative fuels to reduce harmful automobile exhaust emissions.

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People in this video

  • Donald Buist Director Ford Motor Company->Automotive Emissions
  • Michael Canes Vice President American Petroleum Institute->Policy
  • Jim Daskal Attorney
  • Tim Davis Engineer American Gas Association->Projects
  • James Fitzpatrick Vice President General Motors->Marketing and Product Planning
  • J. Harold Idle Senior Manager FedEx Corporation->Vehicle Engineering
  • Richard Klimisch Executive Director General Motors->Environmental Activities Staff
  • Ray Lewis President American Methanol Institute
  • James Pollard Senior Vice President Southern California Gas Company
  • D.H. Smith Senior Vice President ARCO->Engineering and Technology
  • Jim Willingham Representative National Automobile Dealers Association
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Alternative Fuels, Part 3

Senate Committee
Senate Committee
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired:
Jan 12, 1990 | 9:31am EST | C-SPAN 1

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  • Jan 12, 1990 | 9:31am EST | C-SPAN 1
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Alternative Fuels, Part 3

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