Nuclear Waste Storage

Participants spoke to reporters about the Bush administration’s decision to store spent nuclear fuel cells and radioactive waste material at federal facilities in Yucca Mountain. Following their remarks they answered questions from the reporters.

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  • Jim Dushaw Director International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers->Utility Department
  • Angelina Howard Executive Vice President Nuclear Energy Institute
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Nuclear Waste Storage

News Conference
News Conference
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired:
Feb 19, 2002 | 1:01pm EST | C-SPAN 2
Last Aired:
Feb 20, 2002 | 4:51pm EST | C-SPAN 1

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  • Feb 19, 2002 | 1:01pm EST | C-SPAN 2
  • Feb 20, 2002 | 4:51pm EST | C-SPAN 1
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Nuclear Waste Storage

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