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Battleground States

Mr. Mark discussed presidential politics as well as some of the major congressional races in battleground states. Political reporters from several of those states joined via telephone and responded… read more

Mr. Mark discussed presidential politics as well as some of the major congressional races in battleground states. Political reporters from several of those states joined via telephone and responded to audience telephone calls, faxes, and electronic mail. Mr. Mark placed the upcoming election in the context of past elections, described potential voter turnout, and analyzed those most and least likely to vote. He spoke about the respective campaign strategies of John Kerry and George Bush.

Mr. Smith spoke about the presidential race in Florida and discussed changes in the voting process there to avoid a repeat of the “fiasco” of 2000. He talked about the impact of recent hurricanes on scheduled appearances of candidates in Florida.

Mr. Decoursey spoke about the presidential election in Pennsylvania, describing areas of the state where the respective candidates are strongest as well as the areas where the race is still very competitive. He noted that Senator Kerry will likely win comfortably in the Philadelphia area, President Bush will likely do the same in central Pennsylvania, and the northern and western parts of the state will be the focus of both candidates.

Mr. Stirewalt spoke about the presidential election in West Virginia, placing emphasis on the importance of social and economic issues in that state. He noted that the state has the highest per capita number of veterans and that these voters are divided on a number of issues. He analyzed the impact of President Bush’s tariff policies on the upcoming election. He also spoke about the impact of West Virginia’s senators on the race.

Mr. Flory discussed the race in Missouri. He spoke about the state’s traditional position as a battleground, and noted that each candidate has strong support in some areas, with Senator Kerry polling well in St. Louis and Kansas City and President Bush doing the same in the state’s rural areas. He analyzed the content of each candidate’s advertising in the state as well as their campaign appearances there.

Mr. Yepsen noted that polling data in Iowa indicates a very close race, but forecast a narrow victory there for Senator Kerry. He talked about the potential impact of third party candidates. He asserted that Senator Kerry’s primary campaign in Iowa has provided him with a strong organization that will help him in the general election.

Ms. Crummy spoke about the U.S. Senate contest in Colorado as well as the presidential election. She noted that the tone of the advertisements in Colorado is “pretty nasty,” and claimed that the trend will likely continue. She noted that while President Bush won Colorado handily in 2000, economic and demographic changes in the state have set the stage for a more competitive contest in 2004.

Mr. Landrigan spoke about the impact of the war in Iraq on the election in New Hampshire. He also discussed the gubernatorial election in the state, and the effect that race may have on the presidential contest.

Mr. Kamman addressed the race in Arizona, particularly the role of Senator John McCain in the Bush campaign. He noted that while Arizona has traditionally been a heavily Republican state, the election this year will be very close. He attributed changes in Arizona politics to demographic changes in the state. He also spoke about congressional races in Arizona.

Mr. Mapes noted that the race in Oregon is very competitive. He asserted that Oregon voters are focused on the economy and the war in Iraq. close

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