Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats

Panelists discussed counterterrorism and domestic terrorist threats. Topics included the difference between a perceived threat and an actual threat, counter-radicalization, and the need for Americans' resilience in the face of terrorism threats.

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  • Juliette N. Kayyem Assistant Undersecretary (Former) Department of Homeland Security->Intergovernmental Affairs
  • Barry C. Lynn Director New America Foundation->Markets, Enterprise, and Resiliency Initiative
  • Peter Neumann Director King's College (London, England)->International Centre for Study of Radicalisation
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Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats

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Public Affairs Event
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
First Aired:
Apr 28, 2011 | 6:39pm EDT | C-SPAN 2
Last Aired:
Apr 29, 2011 | 11:10am EDT | C-SPAN 2

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  • Apr 28, 2011 | 6:39pm EDT | C-SPAN 2
  • Apr 29, 2011 | 11:10am EDT | C-SPAN 2
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Domestic and Counterterrorism Threats

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