Senate Session HCR 376: A resolution to provide for the preparation of official duplicates of certain legislative papers. HJR 560: A resolution to… read more

Senate Session HCR 376: A resolution to provide for the preparation of official duplicates of certain legislative papers. HJR 560: A resolution to waive certain enrollment requirements with respect to any appropriation bill for the remainder of the One Hundred Second Congress. HCR 371: A resolution to make corrections in the enrollment of the bill, HR 5482. S 3325: A bill to authorize appropriations for the Patent and Trademark Office in the Department of Commerce for fiscal year 1993, to provide that states are subject to suit for certain infringements of patents and plant variety protections. S 3326: A bill to amend the Federal Deposit Insurance Act. HR 2014: A bill to designate the “Oscar Garcia Rivera Post Office Building.” HR 4539: A bill to designate the “Larkin I. Smith General Mail Facility” and the “Larkin I. Smith Post Office Building.” HR 4786: A bill to designate the “Abe Murdock United States Post Office Building.” HR 5453: A bill to designate the “Clifton Merriman Post Office Building.” HR 5237: A bill to amend the Rural Electrification Act of 1936 to improve the provision of electric and telephone service in rural areas. S 2875: A bill to amend the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 to better assist children in homeless shelters, to enhance competition among infant formula manufacturers and to reduce the per unit costs of infant formula for the special supplemental food program for women, infants, and children. S 3327: A bill to amend the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 to permit the acre-for-acre transfer of an acreage allotment or quota for certain commodities. S 568: A bill to require that imports of fresh papaya meet all the requirements imposed on domestic fresh papaya. HCR 302: A resolution to express the sense of the Congress regarding communities making the transition to “Hunger-Free” status. HR 5673: A bill to provide equitable relief to producers of sugarcane subject to proportionate shares. S 1294: A bill to protect individuals engaged in a lawful hunt within a national forest, and to establish an administrative civil penalty for persons who intentionally obstruct, impede, or interfere with the conduct of a lawful hunt. HR 5954: A bill to amend the Food, Agriculture, Conservation, and Trade Act of 1990 to improve health care services and educational services through telecommunications. S 3275: A bill to amend the Foreign Service Act of 1980 to allow additional deductions by the Agency for International Development from the salaries of Inspector General Foreign Service criminal investigators fro retirement purposes, to increase the mandatory retirement age of Foreign Service criminal investigators from fifty-five to fifty-seven years of age and to include Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime as basic pay in computing the annuity of a non-commissioned Foreign Service criminal investigator. S 2975: A bill to provide for the settlement of the water rights claims of the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe in Yavapai County, Arizona. HR 5751: A bill to provide for the distribution within the United States of certain materials prepared by the United States Information Agency. HR 5851: A bill to establish the Commission on Information, Technology and Paperwork Reduction. SR 320: A resolution to authorize the printing of additional copies of a Senate report entitled, “Developments in Aging: 1991.” HR 3590: A bill to provide for the relief of Lloyd B. Gamble. S 3330: A bill to make technical amendments of the Clayton Act. HR 5483: A bill to modify the provisions of the Education of the Deaf Act of 1986. S 362: A bill to provide federal recognition of the Mowa Band of Choctaw Indians in Alabama. S 2899: A bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to revise and extend the programs of the National Institutes of Health. S 1583: A bill to amend the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968 and to the Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Act of 1979 and to authorize appropriations and to improve pipeline safety. S 2044: A bill to assist Native Americans in assuring the survival and continuing vitality of their languages.

This 33 hour session was a result of a filibuster by Senators Moynihan and D’Amato close

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