Election Results Analysis Republican and Democratic pollsters, campaign advisers and representatives of various interest groups analyzed the November 5 election results. They took questions from the audience.

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  • Alex Castellanos Consultant Dole (E.) Presidential Campaign->Media Relations
  • Chuck Cunningham Director Christian Coalition of America->Voter Education
  • Rob Engel Director Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee->Politics
  • Tony Fabrizio Partner Fabrizio, McLaughlin and Associates
  • Mandy Grunwald Political Consultant Democratic Party
  • Gordon Hensley Director National Republican Senatorial Committee->Communications
  • Steve Jarding Director Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee->Communications
  • Bill Knapp Political Consultant Clinton (William J.) Presidential Campaign->Media Affairs
  • Celinda Lake Political Consultant Democratic Party
  • Tanya Metaksa Executive Director National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
  • Steve Rosenthal Director AFL-CIO->Politics
  • Robert M. Shrum Political Consultant (Former) Democratic Party
  • Doug Sosnik Director White House->Political Operations
  • Mary Elizabeth Teasley Director National Education Association->Government Relations
  • Craig Veith Consultant National Republican Congressional Cmte
  • Russell Verney National Coordinator Perot Presidential Campaign
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Election Results Analysis

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Nov 07, 1996 | 8:06am EST | C-SPAN 1
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Nov 11, 1996 | 2:00am EST | C-SPAN 2

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