Australian Question Time

Members questioned Prime Minister Howard and other government ministers on a variety of topics, including a possible upcoming constitutional convention, forest industries and the budget.

People in this video

  • Gareth Evans Deputy Leader, House of Reps. Australia->Labor Party
  • John Howard Prime Minister Australia->Liberal Party
  • David Kemp Minister Australia->Schools, Vocational Education and Training
  • Peter Reith Minister Australia->Workplace Relations and Small Business
  • Bruce Scott Minister Australia->Veterans Affairs
  • John Sharp Minister (Former) Australia->Transport and Regional Development
  • Michael Wooldridge Minister Australia->Health and Family Services
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Australian Question Time

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International Telecasts
Foreign Legislature
Canberra, Australia
First Aired:
Sep 27, 1997 | 3:09pm EDT | C-SPAN 1
Last Aired:
Sep 28, 1997 | 3:27am EDT | C-SPAN 2

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  • Sep 27, 1997 | 3:09pm EDT | C-SPAN 1
  • Sep 28, 1997 | 3:27am EDT | C-SPAN 2