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August 25, 2014

Overview of the ACA in Alabama.

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  • Stuart M. Butler Distinguished Fellow and Director Heritage Foundation->Center for Policy Innovation
  • Julia F. Costich Professor University of Kentucky->College of Public Health
  • Robert E. Crew Jr. Professor Florida State University->College of Social Sciences and Public Policy
  • Thomas Gais Director State University of New York->Rockefeller (Nelson A.) Institute of Government
  • Jocelyn M. Johnston Associate Professor American University->School of Public Affairs
  • Sarah Kliff Senior Editor Vox.com->Health Care
  • Michael A. Morrisey Department Head and Professor University of Alabama at Birmingham->Department of Health Care Organization and Policy
  • Richard P. Nathan Director (Former) Rockefeller (Nelson A.) Institute of Government
  • L. Christopher Plein Professor West Virginia University->Department of Public Administration
  • Alice M. Rivlin Senior Fellow Brookings Institution->Economic Studies
  • David C. Warner Professor University of Texas at Austin->LBJ School of Public Affairs
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User Clip: Michael Morrisey on CSPAN

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User Clip: Michael Morrisey on CSPAN

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