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User Clip: Sessions - USCIS's Emrich

Emrich basically admits no reliable vetting process

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  • Robert "Bob" Carey Director Department of Health and Human Services->Office of Refugee Resettlement
  • Dick Durbin U.S. Senator (Class 2) [D] Illinois
  • Matthew Emrich Associate Director Department of Homeland Security->Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate
  • Al Franken U.S. Senator (Class 2) [D] Minnesota
  • Amy Klobuchar U.S. Senator (Class 1) [D] Minnesota
  • David Perdue U.S. Senator (Class 2) [R] Georgia
  • Jeff Sessions U.S. Senator (Class 2) [R] Alabama
  • Barbara Strack Chief U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services->Refugee Affairs Division
  • Thom Tillis U.S. Senator (Class 2) [R] North Carolina
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User Clip: Sessions - USCIS's Emrich

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User Clip: Sessions - USCIS's Emrich

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