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Majority Leader Eric Cantor Prepares to Step Down

Today is House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's last day in a position of leadership. As of… View Post

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House Vote 472

House Approves Rule for Debate on Border Security Bill, 220-205

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    Hearing on Affordable Care Act Implementation (Part 2)

    William Woods, an official from the Government Accountability Office, updates a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Speaker Boehner's Weekly Briefing

    House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) responds to reporters' questions on immigration and border security during his final briefing before the August recess, saying the House will not take up the Senate immigration reform bill.

  • Hearing on Technology and Border Security

    Two House Science, Space and Technology subcommittees hold a joint hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s investments in surveillance technologies that could help monitor and secure the U.S. border with Mexico.

  • Confirmation Hearing on Social Security Commissioner Nominee

    Acting Social Security Commissioner Carolyn Colvin goes before the Senate Finance Committee for a confirmation hearing to be the agency’s top commissioner. She was nominated by President Obama to serve a six-year term.

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    President Obama Remarks on the Economy

    President Obama delivers remarks on the economy and the housing sector at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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  • After Words: Cheryl Chumley

    Cheryl Chumley talks about her book, Police State U.S.A.: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming Our Reality, in which she argues that the government’s desire to monitor and control the public is greater now than ever before.

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  • In Depth: Ron Paul

    Former Representative Ron Paul (R-TX) responds to viewers' questions and comments on topics such as the U.S. economy and foreign policy. He’s the author of The Revolution: A Manifesto, End the Fed, and more.

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  • Reel America: The Mexican American: A New Focus on Opportunity

    This 1968 Office of Economic Opportunity documentary describes a fact-finding trip by Johnson administration officials and efforts to assist Spanish speaking Americans as part of the War on Poverty programs.

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  • Q&A: Sylvia Morris

    Sylvia Jukes Morris, author of Price of Fame: The Honorable Clare Boothe Luce, discusses her second volume on the notable politician, socialite, writer and diplomat who lived from 1903 to 1987.

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