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Iowa Freedom Summit Remarks

The 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit aired all day Saturday on C-SPAN and, as a… View Post

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    Discussion on Civil War Solders' Letters

    Independent researcher John Emond looks at the Civil War through the letters of Union and Confederate soldiers. The National Archives hosted this event.

  • 1978 Film Energy: The American Experience

    This Energy Department documentary traces the history of sources of energy in the United States, from human and animal power, to steam, coal, electricity, oil, gasoline, and nuclear.

  • Discussion on Social Changes of the 1970s

    Panelists talk about the social changes of the 1970s, including the effects of Watergate and the Vietnam War, as well as the rise in divorce rates and drug incarceration.

  • Book Discussion on A Field Guide to Radiation

    Wayne Biddle talks about his book A Field Guide to Radiation, a primer on radiation and its impact, both positive and negative, on our world.

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