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    Discussion on President Ronald Reagan and the Cold War

    President Ronald Reagan’s “Washington Abbey” speech, in which Reagan addressed the British Parliament about the Soviet threat, is shown. Then, panelists discuss President Reagan’s role in defeating the Communists and…

  • Joe Saltzman on Heroes and Scoundrels

    Joe Saltzman, a professor of journalism at the University of Southern California, discussed his book, Heroes and Scoundrels, about the way journalists are portrayed in popular culture.

  • Frank McAdams on Vietnam Rough Riders

    Frank McAdams, a lecturer at the University of Southern California, sat down with Book TV to talk about his memoir of the Vietnam War. This interview is part of Book TV’s College Series.

  • Judy Muller on Emus Loose in Egnar

    University of Southern California’s Judy Muller talks about small town newspapers and stories they cover. She was interviewed by Book TV at the University of Southern California.

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