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    Book Discussion on Unabomber

    Retired FBI agents Jim Freeman, Terry Turchie, and Donald Max Noel talk about their book, Unabomber, in which they recount their involvement with the FBI’s 18-year investigation of the Unabomber case and the eventual arrest of Theodore…

  • Washington Journal: Damon Williams on Challenges Facing America's Youth

    Chief Education and Youth Development Officer of the Boys & Girls Club of America Damon Williams discusses challenges facing America’s youth, including poor academic performance, discrimination, violence, and poverty, and how to overcome them.

  • Washington Journal: Gordon Adams on U.S. Defense Spending

    American University School of International Service Professor Gordon Adams discusses the debate over whether to increase defense spending in light of recent events in the Middle East and Ukraine.

  • Washington Journal: News Headlines Viewer Calls

    The latest headlines of the day are presented, and telephone lines are open for viewer comments on the news of the day.

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