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    Washington Journal: Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR)

    Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi (D-PR) discusses Puerto Rico’s efforts to resolve its $72 billion debt. He talks about his recent op-ed, in which he argues debt problems can be traced to a lack of federal funding and lack of fiscal…

  • Washington Journal: Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL)

    House Foreign Affairs Committee member Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) discusses the Iran nuclear agreement. Congress has 60 days in which to consider the deal, but President Obama has said he will veto any attempt to block it.

  • Washington Journal: Kevin Cirilli on Gun Background Checks

    The Hill's Kevin Cirilli joins by phone to discuss congressional efforts to reform federal background checks for people purchasing firearms in light of recent mass shootings.

  • Washington Journal: News Headlines and Viewer Calls

    News headlines are read and phone lines are open for viewer calls on the question, “Should background checks for firearms purchases be enhanced?” The Hill's Kevin Cirilli also discusses background checks in light of recent mass…

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