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    Communicators: Meredith Attwell Baker

    Meredith Attwell Baker, president and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association, talks about telecommunications issues, including spectrum auctions, the debate over net neutrality rules, cramming, and more.

  • Weekly Republican Address

    Will Hurd, a candidate to be elected representative of Texas' 23rd Congressional District, delivers the weekly Republican address. He urges people to help get the “mess in Washington cleaned up” by voting for Republicans November 4,…

  • Weekly Presidential Address

    President Obama delivers his weekly address. He talks about the risks of contracting Ebola and measures being taken to contain it.

  • Book Discussion on Law of the Jungle

    From the 2014 Texas Book Festival in Austin, Paul M. Barrett talks about his book, Law of the Jungle: The $19 Billion Legal Battle Over Oil in the Rain Forest and the Lawyer Who’d Stop at Nothing to Win.

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    After Words: Linda Tirado

    Linda Tirado talks about her book, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America, about how she went from middle class to lower class to poor, and what she says is the need for a safety net for those on “the bottom rungs of society’s…

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  • Q&A: Rory Kennedy

    Filmmaker Rory Kennedy discusses her new movie Last Days in Vietnam. The documentary looks at the evacuation of Saigon during the final weeks of the Vietnam War. She is the 11th and youngest child of Ethel and Robert Kennedy.

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  • In Depth: Michael Korda

    Michael Korda, author and former editor-in-chief of Simon and Schuster, discusses his career in the publishing industry and his most recent book, Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee.

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  • Campaign 2014 Election Night Coverage

    Live election results, candidate victory and concession speeches, viewer reaction, and interviews on the balance of power and politics in Congress with Roll Call Editor-in-Chief Christina Bellantoni and Washington Post Staff Writer Reid Wilson.…

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