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    Discussion on Asian Immigration and Angel Island

    University of Minnesota professor Erika Lee talks about Asian immigration to the West coast from 1830 to 1930, including the role of San Francisco Bay’s Angel Island in the 20th century.

  • Discussion on the Role of Satire

    A panel of satirists, writers, and cartoonists discusses the role of satire in challenging the status quo, as well as the terrorist attack at the office of French magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. This is part of the annual George Polk Seminar.…

  • Diana Preston on A Higher Form of Killing

    Historian Diana Preston examines Germany’s violation of rules of war during World War I, from the dispersal of poison gas against French and Canadian soldiers at Ypres to the aerial bombardment of London.

  • Senator Stabenow on Currency Manipulation Amendment

    Senator Stabenow (D-MI) on Currency Manipulation Amendment

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