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House Vote 507

On Amendment to H.J. Res 124 Authorizing Training for Syrian Rebels

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House Vote 509

On Passage of H.J. Res 124, a Measure to Fund the Government Through December 11

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    Arizona Gubernatorial Debate

    Arizona gubernatorial candidates Doug Ducey (R) and Fred DuVal (D) debate various issues.

  • Hearing on U.S. Strategy Against ISIS

    Secretary of State John Kerry testifies at a Senate Foreign Relation Committee hearing on U.S. strategy for combating Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) militants in Syria and Iraq.

  • Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen News Conference

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen briefs reporters on the agency’s monetary policy decision following a meeting of the board’s Federal Open Market Committee. The Fed announced that short-term rates would remain near zero for a…

  • President Obama Remarks in Tampa on ISIS

    President Obama delivers remarks on the U.S. strategy to combat Islamic State (ISIL/ISIL) militants in Iraq and Syria. His comments follow a visit with NATO and American military officials at U.S. Central Command in Tampa, Florida.

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