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    Secretary Kerry Warns Russia on Ukraine

    Secretary of State John Kerry accuses Russia of violating the terms agreed upon during recent talks in Geneva and of deliberately trying to destabilize eastern Ukraine. He also warns of “expensive” consequences if Russia fails to…

  • U.S.-France Relations

    French Ambassador to the U.S. François Delattre discusses relations between the two countries and what it means for the transatlantic partnership. The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies hosts the event.

  • State Department Briefing

    Spokesman Jen Psaki answers questions on Israel’s decision to suspend peace talks after the Palestinian Authority announced that it will form a unity government with Hamas within five weeks, and call new elections within six months.

  • Governance and Stability in South Asia

    Panelists discuss the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan and India, and assess their impact on governance and stability in both countries. They also look at the relationship between India, Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of the…

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    After Words: Patrick Tucker

    Patrick Tucker talks about his book, The Naked Future, in which he argues that the future is very easy to predict, due to the availability of large amounts of data that make prediction models for individual behavior significantly more accurate.…

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  • Newsmakers: Tom Steyer

    NextGen Climate president & founder Tom Steyer, who opposes the XL pipeline, talks about his organization and political role in Campaign 2014. Mr. Steyer has said he’ll spend up to $100 million on candidates who support climate change…

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  • Q&A: U.S. Senate Youth Program

    High school students from the United States Senate Youth Program discuss their participation in a week-long government and leadership education program in Washington, DC. This is the 52nd year of the program which has had over 5,000…

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