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    President Obama Remarks in Nevada on Immigration

    President Obama delivers an address in Nevada on his decision to issue an executive order regarding the nation’s immigration laws. Nevada has the highest percentage (7.6) of undocumented immigrants according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

  • Discussion on Presidential Authority and Immigration

    The Heritage Foundation hosts a discussion on President Obama’s recent executive order on immigration laws and the legal underpinnings of the decision, and how that authority will be challenged.

  • Open Phones on President Obama's Remarks on Immigration

    Telephone lines are open for viewer comments on President Obama’s remarks in Nevada on Immigration.

  • Republican Governors Association Annual Meeting

    Governor Chris Christie (NJ), former Governor Haley Barbour (MS), Governors-Elect Doug Ducey (AZ), Charlie Baker (MA), Larry Hogan (MD), Greg Abbott (TX), Asa Hutchinson (AR), and RGA Executive Director Phil Cox take part in a panel discussion.

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