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    Book Discussion on Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks

    Professor Robertson talked about his book, Johnny Rebs and Billy Yanks: Uncommon Soldiers, which is about the life of the average soldier during the Civil War. The book provides statistics of the average height, weight, age, and reading level, plus information about the oldest, youngest, tallest and shortest soldiers on both sides in the Civil War. The author read various letters and quotes by the soldiers of the Civil War with topics ranging from the food they ate to their loved ones at home. After his presentation Professor Robertson answered questions from members of the audience.

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    Conclusion of the Overland Campaign

    Historians and officials from the National Park Service commemorated the conclusion of the Overland Campaign, which took place in Virginia in May and June of 1864. In keynote remarks, Civil War scholar James Robertson described Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s crusade to “destroy the Southern Confederacy,” which culminated in the last major battle of the campaign at Cold Harbor. There, Robertson said, Confederate General Robert E. Lee earned his greatest victory of the war. But, he said it wasn’t enough to stop Grant from continuing his march and besieging Lee and his men at Petersburg.