C-SPAN's original series looks into the history, art, and architecture that has enriched the United States Capitol.

May 2006 - June 2006
This series is no longer in production.

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About This Series

Join C-SPAN for a special series exploring the history, art and architecture of the United States Capitol. Through interviews, tours, and unprecedented access into the building's public and private spaces, C-SPAN presents a groundbreaking look inside the building that both houses and symbolizes American democratic government here and around the world. As part of our television series, C-SPAN embarked on the Capitol Oral History Project – a first-ever effort to collect all the stories on videotape that tell the history of the U.S. Capitol. Through original interviews with members of Congress, historians, curators and journalists, learn about the building's history, the art inside it, and the people and issues that have defined not only a building, but a country through the legislation passed inside the Capitol.