Online access to our three television channels (C‑SPAN, C‑SPAN2, and C‑SPAN3) is reserved for cable or satellite TV customers.

to watch highest quality video here

Anyone can access all federal government events here.

C‑SPAN is committed to a website experience that gives everyone easy access to the most comprehensive video coverage of official Washington, our interview programs and our popular BookTV and American History TV offerings. You’ll find a robust free online C‑SPAN experience while our three TV channels are reserved for cable and satellite customers whose monthly bills help pay for C‑SPAN operations.

Here is some of what you'll find at C‑

  • For the highest quality video, real-time online access to the actual TV network feeds of C‑SPAN, C‑SPAN2, and C‑SPAN3 is available to verified customers of C‑SPAN's cable and satellite affiliates. A simple sign-in on the "TV Networks" page of C‑ with your cable or satellite company credentials is all that's needed to watch any of our three TV channels in real time. (This process is similar to what's now required to access most other "TV Everywhere" programs or channels.)
  • Livestreams of all federal government events covered by C‑SPAN will continue to be available online with easy access from our home page to all visitors--no sign-in necessary. Watch live (or on demand) all House and Senate debates, committee hearings, events from the executive branch, the courts, and election coverage--plus C‑SPAN's signature, viewer-interactive, interview program Washington Journal--via C‑'s easy-to-spot highlighted area, "Congress, White House & the Courts," on our homepage.
  • All other C‑SPAN programming, including daily non-government event coverage, and programs from C‑SPAN2's BookTV and C‑SPAN3's American History TV continue to be accessible without sign-in, on an on demand basis. You'll find them easily through direct links on our home page, or by searching our video library
  • All visitors enjoy full access to more than 261,000 hours of past political video from C‑SPAN's video library with simple, fast search functionality. It’s easy to research, view, clip, and share C‑SPAN video - all at no cost, as a public service to you.
  • We are mobile friendly. You can access C‑ on your smart phone or tablet and watch C‑SPAN video on the go.


What is the best way for me to watch online video through C‑
Our website provides high quality video streams, enhanced search capabilities, and responsive display across platforms and devices. All visitors to C‑ will continue to have access to live (and on demand) coverage of federal government proceedings and all C‑SPAN programs in the Video Library. The highest-quality live feeds of the three C‑SPAN television channels are viewable with verification of your pay television credentials--sign-in on the "TV Networks" page to take advantage of your support of C‑SPAN.

If I am a cable or satellite TV subscriber how should I use C‑SPAN’s website to watch programs?
You have access to the highest quality live video feeds of our three C‑SPAN television channels on our website just by a simple sign-in to verify that you are a cable or satellite subscriber. If you currently subscribe to cable or satellite and can watch C‑SPAN on your TV, you will be able to easily verify your cable or satellite subscription and also watch the best quality feeds of our TV channels online.

What if I don't subscribe to cable or satellite?
You are able to use C‑ to watch our live coverage of all Federal government events. All visitors to C‑ will have access to House and Senate debates, committee hearings, Executive Branch events, courts coverage, Campaign 2018 events, and the Washington Journal--live and in the clear, without needing to sign-in or verify as a cable or satellite subscriber. You will also continue to have free access to our online Video Library containing more than 261,000 hours of all current and past political video from C‑SPAN on demand to watch anytime, anywhere.

How do I verify my cable or satellite subscription?
Find the "TV Networks" icon near the top left corner of C‑'s home page. When there, please select your cable or satellite provider from the list provided and follow theprompts to proceed to the live streams. You'll need both a customer ID and password from your provider to verify yourself as a customer.

Where do I find my username and password?
As a cable or satellite video customer, you likely have already been given an Account Username and Password by your TV provider. If you don't already know yours, visit your provider's website or call their customer service line to get that information.

Will a MyC‑SPAN account work for verification?
No. Your MyC‑SPAN account allows you to bookmark online content, receive email notifications and save your clips on C‑ Verification is a separate process confirming your subscription with a C‑SPAN affiliate (cable or satellite company).

Is there an additional charge for verifying to watch the C‑SPAN TV feeds?
No, there are no additional charges. Live streams of all three C‑SPAN television networks will be available at no additional cost to customers who receive C‑SPAN as part of their television subscription from a cable or satellite provider.

Are the live C‑SPAN television channels mobile-friendly?
Yes. All C‑ video is designed to be responsive to your desktops, smart phones ortablets. You are able to watch video on C‑ in your home, at your office, or on the go--anywhere, anytime.

Why does C‑SPAN require a cable or satellite subscription to watch your channels online?
Despite some people's misperceptions, C‑SPAN does not receive any support from the federal government. Nor do we accept advertising or underwriting. All of our revenue comes from a license fee paid to C‑SPAN by the cable and satellite companies that provide our programming services to their video customers. Requiring verification for the live feeds of our three cable channels reserves these channels for customers who are supporting them through their monthly cable or satellite bills. Over time, this policy will enhance what we can provide the general public overall, and helps preserve the important public service mission which guides all C‑SPAN operations.

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