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  • <em>Victory Garden</em>

    Victory Garden

    This 1942 U.S. Department of Agriculture film promotes Victory Gardens and provides instructions to help citizens grow…

  • Alexander Hamilton's Views on National Debt

    Alexander Hamilton's Views on National Debt

    Professor Robert Wright talked about Alexander Hamilton’s views on national debt and imagined how the Founding Father…

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  • <em>To Help Peace Survive</em>

    To Help Peace Survive

    This Defense Department orientation film for soldiers assigned to South Korea gives a brief history of Korea and…

  • <em>Atrocities in Korea</em>

    Atrocities in Korea

    This 1953 U.S. Army “Big Picture” report documents war crimes committed by communist North Korean and Chinese forces…

  • <em>Turning of the Tide</em>

    Turning of the Tide

    This U.S. Army report describes events in Korea from August 10 to September 20, 1950 when U.S.- led forces in South…

  • <em>The First Forty Days in Korea</em>

    The First Forty Days in Korea

    The first episode in the U.S. Army’s long-running “Big Picture” series tells the story of defensive operations and…

  • LBJ's White House Tapes

    LBJ's White House Tapes

    The Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library, together with the University of Virginia’s Miller Center, debuted a website…

  • <em>Let's Go America!</em>

    Let's Go America!

    This National Association of Manufacturers film was produced during the Great Depression to promote an optimistic view of the U.S.…

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