Upcoming Programs

  • <em>Contagion of Liberty</em>

    Contagion of Liberty

    Author Andrew Wehrman discussed how inoculation became a sought-after medical procedure in the 18th century and helped…

  • <em>Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter</em>

    Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter

    Stanly Godbold talked about the second of his two-volume biography of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, chronicling their…

Featured Programs

  • Gerald Ford and the 1970s

    Gerald Ford and the 1970s

    Historian H.W. Brands looked at Gerald Ford in the context of the 1970s - when he served as House minority leader, vice…

  • History of Abortion Legislation

    History of Abortion Legislation

    La Sierra University Professor Alicia Gutierrez-Romine taught a class about laws and policies regarding abortion.…

AHTV Videos

  • Violence in Congress

    Violence in Congress

    Brooklyn College Professor KC Johnson talked about instances of violence in Congress from the 1790s through today. This…

  • <em>Century's Witness</em>

    Century's Witness

    Mary Llewellyn McNeil explored the life of 20th century journalist Wallace Carroll. Politics & Prose bookstore in…

  • <em>Hessians</em>


    Penn State Abington professor Friederike Baer talked about German mercenary soldiers employed by the British during the…

  • Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston

    Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston

    Civil War historians Doug Crenshaw and Robert Dunkerly talked about Confederate General Joseph Johnston. He served with…

  • Gerald Ford's Life and Presidency

    Gerald Ford's Life and Presidency

    Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum curator Donald Holloway used archival photographs and film to talk about the 38th…

  • The 1950s

    The 1950s

    University of Oklahoma professor Jennifer Holland taught a class about family life and gender norms in the 1950s.…

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