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  • <em>Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter</em>

    Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

    Stanly Godbold talked about the second of his two-volume biography of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, chronicling their…

  • <em>Contagion of Liberty</em>

    Contagion of Liberty

    Author Andrew Wehrman discussed how inoculation became a sought-after medical procedure in the 18th century and helped…

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  • <em>Spies, Lies, and Algorithms</em>

    Spies, Lies, and Algorithms

    Author Amy Zegart tracked the history of American espionage from George Washington’s Revolutionary War spies to today’s…

  • <em>1876</em>


    Author Steve Wiegand discussed the post-Civil War Wild West, including stories of real-life legends and the aftermath…

  • <em>The Great Boston Fire</em>

    The Great Boston Fire

    Author Stephanie Schorow discussed the Great Boston Fire of 1872, which still ranks as one of the costliest…

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