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  • American Churches During WWI

    American Churches During WWI

    Hillsdale College Professor Richard Gamble taught a class on American churches and religion during World War I. He discussed how…

  • Secret White House Tapes

    Secret White House Tapes

    The University of Virginia’s Miller Center compiled and analyzed the secret White House recordings of several presidents --…

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  • Relics of the Revolution in New York City

    Relics of the Revolution in New York City

    Colonial Williamsburg curator Erik Goldstein talked about Revolutionary War relics that were excavated by amateur…

  • <em>Robert E. Lee - A Life</em>

    Robert E. Lee - A Life

    Allen Guelzo talked about Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s life from boyhood through the Civil War. The Atlanta…

  • Republican Southern Strategy

    Republican Southern Strategy

    Historians talked about Republican efforts to increase electoral support among white Southern voters, and how that…

  • Churchill Today

    Churchill Today

    Historian Andrew Roberts defended Winston Churchill’s legacy against contemporary criticism. This was a virtual event…

  • <em>To Rescue the Republic</em>

    To Rescue the Republic

    Bret Baier, Fox News anchor, recounted the life of Civil War general and U.S. president Ulysses S. Grant. This program…

  • Rise of Industry in the Gilded Age

    Rise of Industry in the Gilded Age

    College of the Ozarks professor David Dalton, who teaches a class on 19th Century American history, discussed the rise…

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