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  • In Depth with Peter Baker and Susan Glasser

    In Depth with Peter Baker and Susan Glasser

    Peter Baker (New York Times) and Susan Glasser (New Yorker) join Book TV to talk and take calls about Russia, the Trump administration, U.S. foreign policy and more. Their books include “Kremlin Rising” and “The Divider.”

  • After Words with Chloe Sorvino

    After Words with Chloe Sorvino

    Forbes Magazine’s Chloe Sorvino reports on the future of the U.S. meat industry. She’s interviewed by former Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman.

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  • After Words with Emily Flitter

    After Words with Emily Flitter

    The New York Times' Emily Flitter reported on the barriers that Blacks and people of color face when interacting with the U.S. financial services industry. She was interviewed by author and Brookings Institution senior fellow Andre Perry.

  • After Words with Cynt Marshall

    After Words with Cynt Marshall

    Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall spoke about her life and career. She was interviewed by Washington Post sports enterprise reporter Michael Lee.

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  • About Books With Mitch Albom

    About Books With Mitch Albom

    Author Mitch Albom talked about about his career and the 25th anniversary of his bestselling memoir, Tuesdays With Morrie. About Books also reported on the latest publishing industry news, insider interviews, and current non-fiction books featured on C-SPAN’s…

  • <em>No Free Lunch</em>

    No Free Lunch

    Grove City College economics professor Caleb Fuller talked about six myths about economics that are widely held by the general public. This event was hosted by the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • <em>Uphill</em>


    Atlantic Magazine writer and former ESPN SportsCenter co-anchor Jemele Hill spoke about her life and career in journalism. The Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore hosted this event.

  • <em>The Religion of American Greatness</em>

    The Religion of American Greatness

    Georgetown University international affairs professor Paul Miller took a critical look at Christian nationalism and argued that it’s an illiberal political theory that is bad for the church and the country. This event was hosted by the Institute on Religion…

  • <em>The Great Reset</em>

    The Great Reset

    Marc Morano, publisher of ClimateDepot.com, argued that global elites are using the COVID pandemic and the threat of global warming to reshape the global economy and keep citizens under control. This event was hosted by the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley in…

  • <em>Criminal (In)Justice</em>

    Criminal (In)Justice

    Manhattan Institute senior fellow Rafael Mangual argued that defunding the police and introducing more leniency in the criminal justice system would disproportionately harm Black and brown Americans. This virtual event was hosted by the Manhattan Institute in…

  • <em>Looking Up</em>

    Looking Up

    Meteorologist Matthew Cappucci talked about his career, weather science and the impact of climate change on weather patterns. This event was part of the Fall for the Book festival held annually in Fairfax, Virginia.

  • <em>The War on the West</em> and <em>Conservatism</em>

    The War on the West and Conservatism

    Douglas Murray, associate editor of The Spectator and author of The War on the West, and Yoram Hazony, chair of the Edmund Burke Foundation and author of Conservatism: A Rediscovery, discussed whether Western civilization is worth defending. This event was…

  • <em>Wisconsin Waters</em>

    Wisconsin Waters

    Science writer Scott Spoolman talked about the geological history and formation of Wisconsin’s water ways. This event was hosted by the Kiel Public Library in Wisconsin.

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