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C-SPAN Radio 90.1 WCSP-FM in Washington, DC offers commercial-free public affairs programming 24 hours a day. You’ll hear live coverage from Washington of important congressional hearings and key speeches from national leaders.

Regularly Scheduled Programs

  • Washington Journal (7-10am ET)
    Live call-in program featuring elected officials, administration officials and journalists and policy analysts as guests.
    • Democrats: (202) 748-8000
    • Republicans: (202) 748-8001
    • Independents: (202) 748-8002
    • Outside U.S.: (202) 748-8003
  • Washington Today (5-7pm ET Re-airs 9-11pm ET)
    Catch up on the stories of the day in Washington, DC. Hear portions of key events and interviews with journalists and policy makers who provide background and perspective.

    Listener Feedback: (202) 626-4600

  • C-SPAN's The Weekly
    A look beyond the headlines of the stories shaping the conversation in Washington and across the country with interviews that provide background and context to the issues and events dominating the news cycle.

  • Sunday Public Affairs Programs
    Reairs beginning at 12pm ET of programs from NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and CBS.

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