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On April 14, 2021

Lesson Plan: AP Government: Quantitative Analysis Question Practice

Think Less, Ink More

AP Gov teacher Daniel Larsen discusses strategic approaches to free response answers.


This is intended as an end-of-course review activity for practice with the Quantitative Analysis Question format included on the AP United States Government and Politics exam since the 2018 redesign. Five practice prompts are provided.



    • Students read the five provided QAQ prompts, either in a jigsaw or an individual format.

    • Students use the provided overview table to plan what they would answer if assigned each question.

    • Students discuss and compare their planned answers, augmenting their initial notes with new ideas stemming from the discussion.

    • As needed, students use the C-SPAN Classroom featured resources to review content pertaining to concepts/topics for which they struggled to discern answers.

    • Students use what they have learned from the above exploration to create a full response to one or more of the provided QAQ prompts, as assigned by their instructor.


  • Branches Of Government
  • House Of Representatives
  • President
  • Senate
  • Separation Of Powers
  • Supreme Court


AP U.S. Government Key TermsCampaigns & ElectionsEducationExecutive BranchInterest Groups & LobbyingLegislative BranchPolitical Parties


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