Teacher Opportunities

C-SPAN Classroom offers a variety of professional development opportunities for middle and high school educators. Learn about our collection of resources through online sessions, connect with us during our summer conferences for a more in-depth exploration, or collaborate with us to develop new educational materials as a C-SPAN Fellow. Details about each program can be found in the related sections on this page. Questions? Email us: educate@c-span.org.

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Free Online Teacher Training

C-SPAN Classroom offers free online training sessions to help teachers implement our resources for distance learning, hybrid classes or in-person education. Connect with us through Zoom to learn how to navigate our website as we introduce you to the variety of free teaching resources that are available for you to use in whatever type of classroom you use. We also demonstrate how to build your own library of resources and create personalized folders. We offer a variety of free content on different topics including public affairs, the branches of government, history and literature that we feature in short Current Events videos, Lesson Plans and Bell Ringers, On This Day in History Events, Constitution Clips and Classroom Deliberations.

Whether it is your staff, your department or a class of up-and-coming student teachers, educators are certain to find content that supports their curriculum and enhances their instruction. Email us at Educate@C-SPAN.org to discuss professionall development and workshop opportunities

Teacher Fellowship Program

The Education team enjoyed working with our 2022 Teacher Fellows, who virtually collaborated with the Education Relations team to develop new teaching materials throughout July 2022! The program is designed for middle and high school educators who are familiar with C-SPAN programs and can demonstrate innovative methods of incorporating them into the classroom. Information for the Summer 2023 Teacher Fellowship will be available late spring 2023.

Jane Highley

Jane teaches AP Human Geography and AP United States Government & Politics at Devon Preparatory School in Devon, PA. She added resources to our AP Comparative Government & Politics Featured Resources site and developed new lessons to promote student discourse and discussion.

Ryan Werenka

Ryan teaches AP US Government & Politics and AP Comparative Government & Politics at Troy High School in Troy, MI, and his students are frequent participants in our annual StudentCam competition. He contributed new AP United States Government & Politics and civics-based resources to bolster our existing collections.

Kelly Young-Raymore

Kelly teaches U.S. Government at Lamphere High School in Madison Heights, MI. She expanded our existing US History special collections of Women’s History, Black History, and LGBTQ+ History, and developed the beginnings of other new collections.

Patricia Cunningham

Patricia teaches AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, and AP United States Government & Politics at Nazareth Area High School in Nazareth, PA, and her students have also participated in our annual StudentCam competition. She built a new collection of AP Economics resources to our Economics and Financial Literacy featured resources site.

Jeanne Knudsen

Jeanne teaches World History and Economics at Longwood High School in Middle Island, NY. She developed new lessons for our World War II collection, specifically about the Pacific Theater and the events that occurred in Guam.

C-SPAN Classroom is thankful for our many past Teacher Fellows, who have helped to build hundreds of instructional resources that now serve countless students and teachers across the country!

  • 2021 – Cordes Lindow (FL), Jane Highley (PA), Michael Horwitz (PA), Patrick Sprinkle (NJ), & Rachel Smith (OK)
  • 2020 – Andy Moats (PA), Evangeline Mitchell (TX), Nicole Frazer (IL), Patti Benalayat (VA), & Sarah Shartzer (KY)
  • 2019 – Eleanor Green (CA), Maureen McGuirl (RI), & Zach Lowe (SC)
  • 2018 – Arren Swift (FL), George Mayo (MD), & Jo Phillips (WV)
  • 2017 – Bill Kamps (NJ) & Sunshine Cavalluzzi (CA)
  • 2016 – Anne Nolting (NY), Greg Kocourek (IL), & Judy Gelber (FL)
  • 2015 – Joy Parnakian (AZ), Pat McGravey (MA), & Taylor Bauer (SC)
  • 2014 – Glenn Walker (FL), Laura Binder (CT), Randy Bilyeu (TX)
  • 2013 – Brendan Gonzalez (LA), Jennifer Park (CA), Brian Rock (NJ)
  • 2012 – Ashley Goodrich (NY), Cara Gallagher (IL), & Dee Thompson (VA)
  • 2011 – Dan Tulli (VA), Leslie Pralle Keehn (IA), & Mary Sue Maurer (CA)
  • 2010 – Erin Russ (VA), Ben Bohmfalk (CO), & Joe Karb (NY)
  • 2009 – Eliot Waxman (MD), Sean Gibbons (MD), & Tracey Van Dusen (MI)
  • 2008 – Aaron Pribble (CA), Allison Hunt (KY), Gary Purinton (SC), & Jaclyn Gottsch (MD)
  • 2007 – Kamela Bates (MO), Meghan Selway (CA), & Rebecca Glatter (VA)
  • 2006 – Omer Alptekin (NY), Jarrett Fifield (NY), & Susan Ikenberry (DC)
  • 2005 – Sarah Bakhiet (CA), Janet Lipson (CA), Jennifer Morley (FL), & Steven Schaefer (MI)
  • 2004 – Bobby Black (SC), Cheryl Davis (CA), & Stu Palczak (NY)
  • 2003 – Robert Estrada (CA), Barbara Markham (DE), & David McBride (OK)
  • 2002 – Carlos Ardaya (FL), Joe Gotchy (WA), & Matt Stoner (MD)
  • 2001 – Jeanine Cotner (VA), Chris Maloney (MD), & Tom Watts (NY)
  • 2000 – Sally Sue Brown (VA), Susan Foster (CA), & Richard Schroeder (IL)
  • 1999 – Martha Dailey (CO), John Frank (IN), & Steven Vetter (FL)
  • 1998 – David Debs (CA), Corbett Harrison (NV), & Bob Rodey (IL)
  • 1997 – Shona Lea Huffman (TX)
  • 1996 – Kevin Sacerdote (FL)
  • 1995 – William Bradley (GA)
  • 1994 – Jane Morgan Balgavy (AR)

C-SPAN's Summer Educators' Conference

Each July, C-SPAN Classroom hosts several virtual professional development conferences for middle and high school teachers offering teachers an opportunity to connect with the team to:

  • Discover the free video-based resources that are available on C-SPAN Classroom including lesson plans, bell ringers, and current events, as well as Constitution Clips, On This Day in History resources, and Classroom Deliberations that are developed using C-SPAN programs.
  • Learn about StudentCam, C-SPAN's annual video documentary competition for students in grades 6-12.
  • Explore the C-SPAN Video Library, our archival collection of programs where you can search, clip and share videos.

Look out for the application form in late Spring 2023.