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On March 16, 2017

Bell Ringer: What is a Lobbyist?

What is a Lobbyist?

Tom Holyoke, author of The Ethical Lobbyist: Reforming Washington's Influence Industry, gives a description of the role and influence of lobbyists on our nation's government.


Tom Holyoke, author of The Ethical Lobbyist: Reforming Washington’s Influence Industry, uses his knowledge and research to present the definition of a lobbyist and the power that they have in our modern day government, the basis of their power, and the ethical and potentially legal problems behind their power.

Bell Ringer Assignment

  • According to Tom Holyoke, what is the basic job and power of a lobbyist? What legal justification is there for this power?
  • According to Mr. Holyoke, what is the proper usage of a lobbyist's power? What makes this power important and valuable to a company or person?
  • What is the dilemma that Mr. Holyoke brings up at the end of the video? Why do lobbyists tend to follow this trend and not stick to their base power?

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