| Clip Of History of the Tennessee Valley Authority

Video Clip: Overview of the Tennessee Valley Authority


Daryl Black, Executive Director of the Chattanooga History Center, provides a short history of life before and after the addition of Franklin Roosevelt's major southern infrastructure project during the Great Depression.

5 minutes


  • Appalachian
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Great Depression
  • Infrastructure
  • New Deal

Additional Resource

  • Lesson Plan: The New Deal

    In 1932 the United States was in the depths of the Great Depression with the government struggling on the best way to intervene when Franklin Roosevelt won a landslide victory in the presidential election, promising a "new deal" for Americans. The New Deal was a series of government programs and financial reforms meant to put many Americans back to work, stabilize the economy, and give people hope that the depression would end. In this lesson, students will learn about the creation of the New Deal, its impact on the Great Depression and the economy, as well as its legacy on the role of the government in the lives of the American people.