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  • Battle of Fort Stevens 155th Anniversary
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    Battle of Fort Stevens 155th Anniversary

    The Battle of Fort Stevens was fought in the northwest section of Washington, D.C. in July 1864, when Confederate forces under Gen. Jubal Early probed the capital city’s defenses before turning…

  • emConfederate Reckoningem
    Last Aired

    Confederate Reckoning

    Professor Stephanie McCurry talked about her book, Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South, in which she looks at the internal politics of the South during the Civil War…

  • emWorth a Dozen Menem
    Last Aired

    Worth a Dozen Men

    Libra Hilde talked about her book, Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South, about the role played by Southern female nurses during the Civil War and how the Confederacy relied on their labor.…

  • Slavery and Reconstruction in the West
    Last Aired

    Slavery and Reconstruction in the West

    University of Washington historian Quintard Taylor explored slavery, the abolition movement, and Reconstruction in the West, focusing on Kansas and Missouri before and after the Civil War.…

  • Reconstruction and the US Supreme Court
    Last Aired

    Reconstruction and the U.S. Supreme Court

    Legal historian Paul Finkelman and Harvard law Professor Randall Kennedy presented talks on the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Reconstruction era. Paul Finkelman detailed why he believes that…

  • emThe Tubman Commandem
    Last Aired

    The Tubman Command

    Elizabeth Cobbs talked about her book, The Tubman Command: A Novel, in which she recounted Harriet Tubman’s service as a nurse, spy, and cook, for the Union Army during the Civil War.

  • George H Thomas and Nathan Bedford Forrest
    Last Aired

    George H. Thomas and Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Kennesaw State University Civil War Center Director Brian Wills compared the careers and leadership styles of Union General George Henry Thomas and Confederate General Nathan Bedford…

  • Ulysses S Grant and Union Military Leadership
    Last Aired

    Ulysses S. Grant and Union Military Leadership

    Texas Christian University Professor Steven Woodworth discussed Ulysses S. Grant’s leadership style and how it compares to other Union generals. He argued that characteristics such as Grant’s…

  • emDarkness at Chancellorsvilleem
    Last Aired

    Darkness at Chancellorsville

    Retired Army officer and historical novelist Ralph Peters talked about his book, Darkness at Chancellorsville: A Novel of Stonewall Jackson’s Triumph and Tragedy, in which he looked at the Civil…

  • Civil War Letters
    Last Aired

    Civil War Letters

    University of Georgia Professor Stephen Berry discussed his work on the digital history project, “Private Voices,” which gathers, transcribes, and digitizes letters written during the Civil…

  • 1864 Atlanta Campaign
    Last Aired

    1864 Atlanta Campaign

    Lincoln Memorial University Professor Earl Hess talked about the tactics, terrain, and trenches in the 1864 Atlanta campaign. This talk was part of the annual summer conference hosted by…

  • Civil War Places
    Last Aired

    Civil War Places

    Historians discussed locations they deemed significant to the story of the Civil War. This panel was part of the annual summer conference hosted by the Gettysburg College Civil War…

  • Civil War Violence
    Last Aired

    Civil War Violence

    Louisiana State University Professor Aaron Sheehan-Dean discussed violence in the Civil War. Mr. Sheehan-Dean is the author of The Calculus of Violence: How Americans Fought the Civil War.…

  • Gettysburg National Military Park
    Last Aired

    Gettysburg National Military Park

    Oklahoma State University Professor Jennifer Murray talked about the historical evolution of the Gettysburg battlefield. Professor Murray is the author of On A Great Battlefield: The…

  • Civil War and Emancipation
    Last Aired

    Civil War and Emancipation

    Historian Edward Ayers talked about his latest book, The Thin Light of Freedom: The Civil War and Emancipation in the Heart of America. This talk was part of the annual summer conference…

  • Nat Turners Rebellion
    Last Aired

    Nat Turner's Rebellion

    Author Patrick Breen discussed his book, The Land Shall Be Deluged in Blood: A New History of the Nat Turner Revolt, at the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute’s annual summer…

  • Slave Refugee Camps
    Last Aired

    Slave Refugee Camps

    Professor and author Amy Murrell Taylor discussed slave refugee camps and her book, Embattled Freedom. The talk was part of the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute’s annual summer…

  • John Browns Pikes
    Last Aired

    John Brown's Pikes

    West Virginia University Professor Jason Phillips talked about abolitionist John Brown and the pikes he had made for use in a planned slave insurrection. The talk was part of the Gettysburg…

  • Common Civil War Soldier
    Last Aired

    Common Civil War Soldier

    Gettysburg College Civil War Institute Director Peter Carmichael talked about his book, The War for the Common Soldier: How Men Thought, Fought, and Survived in Civil War Armies.

  • Civil War Artifacts
    Last Aired

    Civil War Artifacts

    Historians talked about artifacts of the Civil War at the Gettysburg College Civil War Institute’s annual summer conference.

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