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  • Homeland Security Subcommittee Hearing Focuses on Border Security
    Last Aired

    Border Patrol Personnel

    The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security held a hearing on security issues facing the border patrol workforce. Union officials representing border agents and…

  • Panelists Discuss State of US Homeland Security
    Last Aired

    Capitol Hill National Security Forum, Strengthening Homeland Security

    Panelists talked about ongoing efforts to improve the state of U.S. homeland security. Speakers included Obama administration Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and George W. Bush…

  • Hearing Examines Border Security Effectiveness
    Last Aired

    Border Security

    Newly appointed U.S. Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan testified before a House Homeland Security Subcommittee on the effectiveness of border patrol checkpoints. Chief Morgan discussed U.S…

  • Hearing on Agriculture and Food Security
    Last Aired

    Food Supply Security

    Witnesses testify at a hearing on possible threats to agriculture and food production in the U.S.

  • Hearing on TSA Workforce Vetting Procedures
    Last Aired

    TSA Workforce Vetting Procedures

    Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Homeland Security officials testified on ways to improve TSA employee vetting procedures. The most recent Homeland Security inspector…

  • Hearing on Extremism and Terrorist Threats
    Last Aired

    Domestic Counterterrorism Efforts

    Officials from the FBI, Homeland Security Department, and National Counterterrorism Center testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about the ongoing efforts to address foreign and…

  • Field Hearing on US Ebola Strategy
    Last Aired

    House Homeland Security Committee Field Hearing on Ebola, Part 1

    The House Homeland Security Committee held a field hearing at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on responding to the Ebola virus and coordination between federal, state, and local…

  • Hearing on Global Terrorist Threats
    Last Aired

    Global Terrorist Threats

    Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director James Comey, and National Counterterrorism Center Director Matthew Olsen testified at a House Homeland…

  • Hearing on ISIS Terrorists with Western Passports
    Last Aired

    Domestic Threat by Western Terrorists

    Officials from the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State testified at a House Homeland Security subcommittee hearing on the threat posed by ISIL* terrorists with western…

  • Boston Marathon Bombings Anniversary Review
    Last Aired

    Boston Marathon Bombings Anniversary Review

    Law enforcement officials who responded to the Boston Marathon bombings testified at a House Homeland Security hearing titled, “The Boston Marathon Bombings, One Year On: A Look Back to Look…

  • Hearing on Homeland Security Challenges
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Department Oversight

    Secretary Jeh Johnson testified at a Homeland Security Department oversight hearing. Topics included on such issues as counterterrorism, border security, emergency preparedness, and…

  • Extent of Terror Threats Posed by al Qaeda
    Last Aired

    Homeland Security Threats

    Former Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT), retired Army General Jack Keane, former Representative Jane Harman (D-CA), and Seth Jones of the RAND Corporation testified on threats to homeland security…

  • Navy Yard Shooting and Federal Facilities Security
    Last Aired

    Navy Yard Shooting and Federal Facilities Security

    Officials from the Government Accountability Office, Homeland Security Department, and the Federal Protective Service testified on the September 16, 2013, Navy Yard shooting and security at…

  • Oversight Subcmte Looks at Dept of Homeland Security Spending
    Last Aired

    Stewardship of Taxpayer Dollars

    Homeland Security Department officials testified about the need for improved financial reporting. Among the issues they addressed were the impact of financial reporting practices on…

  • House Examines Explosion at Texas Fertilizer Plant
    Last Aired

    West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Explosion

    Homeland Security chemical company officials testified on the West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion in April 2013 and the storing of dangerous chemicals across the country.

  • Congress Hearing on Boston Bombing  Part 1
    Last Aired

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    Former Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT)), Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, and emergency officials testified on the April 15, 2013, bombing at the Boston Marathon. Questions focused on…

  • Sec Napolitano Updates House on DHS 2014 Budget Request
    Last Aired

    Fiscal Year 2014 Homeland Security Budget Request

    Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano testified about the department’s fiscal year 2014 budget request. Topics included a number of security-related incidents within the previous week including…

  • Department of Homeland Security Oversight
    Last Aired

    Department of Homeland Security Oversight

    Witnesses testified about Department of Homeland Security operations and programs, including budget priorities, future strategy, and areas for improvement.

  • Border and Maritime Security
    Last Aired

    Border and Maritime Security

    Witnesses testified on U.S. border security. They focused on visa security after the Christmas Day bombing incident exposed gaps in Customs and Border Protection Agency’s program for…

  • Military Base Security
    Last Aired

    Military Base Security

    Witnesses testified on the breakdowns in various federal agencies that led to the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting in which a gunman killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. Michael Leiter told…

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