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  • Senator Cory Booker Gives Remarks at Netroots Nation Conference
    Last Aired

    Senator Booker at Netroots Nation Conference

    Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) was a featured speaker at the annual gathering of Netroots Nation. He talked about some of the community elders he once knew, and how they influenced his work as an activist…

  • Senators Warren and Harris Give Remarks at Netroots Nation Conference
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Senators Warren and Harris

    Netroots Nation held its annual conference in New Orleans. Among the speakers were Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA). They were joined by Democratic candidates running in…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Annual Conference Takes Place in New Orleans
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Day 1

    Netroots Nation hosted its annual conference in New Orleans. On its first day, attendees heard from a range of speakers, including LaToya Cantrell, the host city’s mayor; Tom Steyer who heads NextGen America and…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Social Movements
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Social Movements

    Officials and candidates representing different progressive groups talked about social movements and political platforms. Topics included race, disenfranchisement, campaign finance, criminal justice,…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Grassroots Organizing
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Grassroots Organizing

    Panelists talked about grassroots organizing strategies for recruiting progressive candidates and turning out voters for elections at every level of government. Speakers included Representative Keith…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Economic Strategies
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Economic Strategies

    Panelists talked about economic strategies to appeal to voters in order to expand the progressive movement. Topics included messaging, multiracial voter outreach, and economic inequality. Speakers…

  • Senator Elizabeth Warren Addresses Netroots Nation Annual Conference
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Annual Conference, Day 3

    Among the speakers at day three of the Netroots Nation annual conference was Maryland gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous. Netroots Nation is an “annual gathering for progressives” attended…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Day 3 Senator Elizabeth Warren
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Day 3, Senator Elizabeth Warren

    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) spoke at the annual conference of Netroots Nation in Atlanta. She talked about many priorities of the Democratic Party including reproductive rights, health care, and…

  • Al Gore Addresses Netroots Nation Conference
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation Conference, Day 3, Afternoon Session

    Speakers at the closing plenary session of the at the Netroots Nation conference included the co-founder of the United Farm Workers of America, Dolores Huerta. Netroots Nation is an “annual…

  • New American Majority
    Last Aired

    New American Majority

    Political strategists and campaign consultants spoke at the annual Netroots Nation Conference about engaging minority voters and encouraging progressives to run for office.

  • Netroots Nation Panel Looks at Whats Next for Bernie Sanders Supporters
    Last Aired

    Bernie Sanders Campaign and the Progressive Movement

    Supporters of Senator Bernie Sander' 2016 presidential campaign talked about the future of their political movement. They also discussed how to elect progressive leaders at all levels,…

  • Netroots Nation Conference Social Movement Leaders
    Last Aired

    Social Movement Leaders

    Advocates for social, economic and political justice talked about their work and communicating their message. They each gave a brief presentation on issues including reproductive rights, racial…

  • Netroots Nation Panel Tackles the Progressive Agenda
    Last Aired

    Progressive Agenda

    Panelists talked about the progressive agenda at the Netroots Nation annual conference. They focused on the Democracy Initiative, Senate rule reform, campaign finance, and voting rights.…

  • Online Campaign Fundraising
    Last Aired

    Online Campaign Fundraising

    Staff members from 2012 campaigns talked about their efforts in online fundraising, focusing on both successes and failures, as well as the lessons learned for future campaigns. Among the…

  • Netroots Nation Looks at Women in Politics
    Last Aired

    Challenges for Women Candidates

    Panelists talked about the obstacles women face in running for office and while legislating. Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) talked about her experience being the lone member of Congress…

  • Womens Issues and Politics
    Last Aired

    Women's Issues and Politics

    Panelists talked about women’s issues, politics and the 2012 elections. Topics included voter turnout, health care, Mitt Romney’s statement in Iowa earlier in 2012 in that “corporations are…

  • Representative WassermanSchultz Remarks
    Last Aired

    Representative Wasserman-Schultz Remarks

    Democratic National Committee and Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz spoke at the NetRoots Convention. She called on attendees to use all available methods to get President Obama…

  • Netroots Nation 6th Annual Convention  Breaking Down Barriers on the Road to Equality
    Last Aired

    Netroots Nation: 6th Annual Convention - Breaking Down Barriers on the Road to Equality

    Attendees of the 6th Annual Netroots Nation Convention convened to celebrate the use of the internet and social media in the modern progressive movement. DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie…

  • Van Jones Remarks
    Last Aired

    Van Jones Remarks

    Van Jones spoke at the NetRoots convention. He called for for progressive political activists to unify under a single banner he named “Rebuild the Dream,” citing the tea party movement as…

  • Dan Pfeiffer Remarks
    Last Aired

    Dan Pfeiffer Remarks

    White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer was interviewed by Kaili Joy Gray at the 6th annual NetRoots Nation conference. Mr. Pfeiffer acknowledged “frustration with some of the decisions” by the Obama…

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