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    Technology and Economic Development in Africa

    Investors and venture capitalists talked about how technology and innovation were helping to advance economic development in Africa. They discussed the growth of tech companies, challenges…

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    Public Diplomacy in Conflict Zones

    Civilian workers talked about the role of public diplomacy in conflict zones. In addition, the panelists addressed the need for frontline training and cooperation among diplomats and the…

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    Jake Sullivan on Foreign Policy and Campaign 2016

    Jake Sullivan, foreign policy adviser for 2016 presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, spoke at a conference co-hosted by the Truman National Security Project and the Truman Center for…

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    Women and Camaraderie in the Military

    Panelists talked about unit cohesion in the military and the ways the concept has been instrumental in excluding women from combat. They focused on research showing that camaraderie can take place among…

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    Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley on National Security

    Former Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) spoke about national security and challenges and opportunities facing the U.S. Topics included climate change, cybersecurity, trade, the Middle East and the…

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    Women in Combat, Representatives Sanchez and McSally

    Panelists talked about the ways members of Congress had been tracking combat integration. Congressmen Sanchez and McSally spoke by pre-recorded videos about their support for integration in the military. “A…

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    Women in Combat, Firsthand Accounts of Women

    Panelists gave firsthand accounts of women who had participated in combat, including as part of Cultural Support Teams. Gayle Lemmon was the author Ashley’s War: The Untold Story of a Team of Women Soldiers on the…

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    Women in Combat, Panel on Standards

    Panelists discussed the different approaches military organizations had taken to setting and validating gender-neutral occupational standards for combat. “Getting Standards Right” was part of the…

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    Women in Combat, Defense Department Officials

    Pentagon representatives assessed the status of integrating women into combat roles since the 2013 rescission of the Defense Department’s ground combat policy that automatically excluded U.S. servicewomen. The…

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    Alternative Energy and the Navy

    Navy Secretary Ray Mabus was one of the featured speakers at a discussion hosted by the Truman National Security Project. In his remarks he said the military must invest in alternative fuel…

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    21st Century Foreign Policy Threats and Challenges

    Former Secretary of State Albright talked about future foreign policy challenges and the ability of future administrations to respond to threats. She said the U.S. could take more aggressive steps in Syria without…

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    State and Local Disaster Response

    Panelists talked about the community responses to the Boston Marathon bombing and Hurricane Sandy. They also spoke about how social media was used to help during the crises, and how social media can be…

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    Nuclear Programs in North Korea and Iran

    Ambassador Wendy Sherman talked about Democratic Party approaches to policy regarding nuclear threats from North Korea and Iran. From July 1997 through January 2001, she was the Counselor…