LIVE: White House Historical Association's "Presidential Sites Summit"

by NinaShelton

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LIVE - Tuesday & Wednesday, August 28 & 29
White House Historical Association's "Presidential Sites Summit"



Tuesday, August 28 
LIVE - 9am - 10:45am: Presidents in History & Memory
Panelists: University of Virginia Miller Center presidential scholar Barbara Perry, Southern Methodist University Center for Presidential History Director Jeffrey Engel, presidential historian Richard Norton Smith, National Constitution Center President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen, LBJ Foundation President Mark Updegrove & journalist Cokie Roberts.  

LIVE - 12:30pm - 1:15pm: Serving Five Presidents
Former White House Executive Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier recalls serving five presidents over a quarter century.


Wednesday, August 29 
LIVE - 9am - 10:45am: Presidents & the Press
Introduction: Presidential scholar Martha Kumar
- Mike McCurry, press secretary to President Clinton
- Ron Nessen, press secretary to President Ford
- Richard Benedetto, former USA Today White House correspondent
- Kenneth Walsh, U.S. News & World Report White House correspondent and columnist
- Susan Page, USA Today Washington Bureau Chief

Conversation with presidential historian Jon Meacham: PBS NewsHour Anchor and Managing Editor Judy Woodruff interviews the author of books about George H.W. Bush, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

LIVE - 11am - 12:15pm: Presidential History: Whose stories are told?
- Leslie Bowman, Thomas Jefferson Foundation president
- Katherine A.S. Sibley, American Studies Program director at St. Joseph's University
- Edward Ayers, University of Richmond historian & president emeritus
- Timothy Naftali, New York University public service professor & presidential historian
- Catherine Allgor, Massachusetts Historical Society president

LIVE - 12:30pm - 1:15pm: Presidential Legacy
LBJ Foundation President Mark Updegrove, Former Chief of Staff to Laura Bush Anita McBride, and White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin will have a conversation about presidential legacy.


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